Cutting costs on Exploration By: Thomas Mares

Falcon-9 Rocket launch

SpaceX's Falcon-9 Rocket is a technological wonder and is the first completely reusable rocket.

This lowers the cost of rocket launches into orbit and to refuel the International Space Station. The Falcon-9 rocket made by SpaceX would have taken longer to produce if not for help from NASA and its director Charles Boden.

The director of NASA gave money to SpaceX to fund and develop this Rocket. The Falcon-9 rocket would have taken longer to develop without the incentives given by NASA.

The International Space Station and rocket launches require large sums of money to operate, which is why developing reusable technology is important.

Space Observatory- provides crucial information about earth and the atmosphere

Black hole swallowing a star- can cause damage to electronics in space such as satellites

These pictures above are why the costs of space exploration need to be reduced. Lowering the cost of rocket launches is possible by using technology developed by companies like SpaceX.

The Falcon-9 launches satellites that can detect comets and asteroids

The exploration of space could lead to the discovery and prevention destruction of comets or asteroids that could kill millions . Furthermore, it is very likely that continuing space exploration will lead to the discovery of habitable planets within reach of humanity.

NASA has given money to help SpaceX's development of Falcon-9 which is crucial to the cost reduction of space exploration. In addition, Boden can have NASA give more incentives to companies, so that the companies can develop cost reducing technology.

Incentives Help NASA Cut Costs


Created with images by SpaceX-Imagery - "satellite orbit spacex" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Suzaku Catches Retreat of a Black Hole's Disk" • jurvetson - "First SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster to Return to Earth" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "James Webb Space Telescope's Golden Mirror Unveiled" • Filter Forge - "Radar Ring" • State Farm - "Meteor falling to Earth"

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