Fresco Alyssa Wagaman

How I would describe my artwork would be things that make me happy. My artwork shows things that make me happy in life. How I created this artwork was by using Plaster of Paris, watercolor, burlap, and Varnish. The things I put in these two pieces of artwork were water (because it makes me calm and i love the water), hearts (because I love many things), flowers(because i love flowers), and filigree patterns( because i love the patterning). My first piece of artwork looks like two flowers falling into the water.

What inspired my artwork was my own happiness. My artwork expresses things that make me feel joy. The only emotion I showed was happiness and that only. My goals as an artist is to achieve more skills, work harder, take my time, and just learn more. Mrs. Ladd taught use all these things and skills that made my project better. So thank you to her. I reached a few of my goals. How i reached my goals was by taking my time, working harder, and take my time.

My over all thoughts on this project are great. What I learned is that to have a solid concept, take your time, and chose colors wisely. The final pieces are kinda what I imagined. They aren't what i generally wanted them to be but they turned out ok. How this artwork will inspire my artwork in the future will be if i look back at my old frescoes then I can see the mistakes I made and not make them again. That is what I learned and I had fun with this project and i think it looked good.

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Alyssa Wagaman

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