Women's Rights

"Human rights are women's right, and women's rights are human rights." -Hillary Clinton

In countries all over the world women are still treated like property in countries Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia.

Women in these types of countries can't do every day thing because of how they are treated. Women can be arrested because they can't drive, leave their own houses without their husband or a male figure, or even in some countries wear clothes that they want to wear.

Women all over the world still are part of the sex traffic rings. Human trafficking is like a modern day slave that is forced to do some type of labor or some type of sex act.

In the country Naple, when a woman is raped their rapist most of the time doesn't get charged. Since April 14, 2013 to February 13, 2014 many rape cases are bot brought to light because women and theyre families do not know their rights. Rapist is not counted as a crime because they see it as that girls are going to have sex eventually just sooner then planed.

Women cant even serve for their own country even if they can do do. Reports show that women that serve in the Iraq army are usually not killed by the enemey they are killed and raped by their own soliders.

Men have always been the top gender. Even with working that same work, doing the same thing women still make 91 cents to the man's dollar.

There were women activist who helped fight for womens rights.

Susan B. Anthony was one of the most famous Women Activist in american history. She wanted to use her voice but she couldn't because she was a woman. One thing she did while she was an activist was she persuaded the University of Rochester to admit women, faught for women to own their property and labor organizations



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