Progress boys' and girls' Sport program at leigh

Equality is achieved at Leigh—to some degree. But most importantly, it is improving.

There are currently 18 sports at Leigh, for boys, 6 for girls, 6 for both.

We can take a look at some of them

Football, though no girls participated, is for both genders.

There are boy's and girl's basketball

Baseball for boys...

...Softball for girls.

Boys and girls have equal OPPORTUNITY

Take a look at Leigh.

The percentage of students and athletes of each gender are very much the same.

People may disagree, and they have a point:

Look at the posters:

Boys have more significant photos.

But if we count the photos carefully, we would find 5 photos of boys, and 6 photos of girls.

Girls' and Boys' have different basket balls.

Boys' balls have icons...

...and girls' do not.

However, according to Mrs. Andrade and Ms. Zielazowski, the difference between basketballs are because of coaches: the girls' basketball coach is new and did not know about the equipments. Girls would get the same balls if the coach is not new.

Of course, there are always a little bit of injustice here and there, for example: girls' games have smaller crowds...

Or, why can't boys join softball while girls can join baseball?

But we are talking about gender prejudice which has a long history, and there is certainly progresses, like Title 9

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