What is my Cultural Identity? Clarrissa Reisner

The ethnic group I would like to know more about is the traditions of the Red Indian people.
Cultural Identity means to me that we all have different purposes in life.
Red Indian.
The Red Indians lived in many different places. For example, The Arctic, The Subarctic, The Northeast, The Southeast, The Plains, and etc. They had to keep moving because the white people would take their lands from them. The white people made the Red Indians leave their homeland's because the white's wanted to planet cotton on their lands. The government forced them to leave their lands and walk thousands of miles sometimes causing death.
The Red Indians had many different languages but only some are still being used today. For example,Navajo, Cherokee, Cree, Ojibwa, Dakota, Apache, Blackfoot and Choctaw. They speaked many different languages because of how much they had to move. They had to learn different languages as they traveled
The Red Indians had many different physical traits in their culture. For example, they have high check bones, little toes that lie under the next one,Large front teeth with a slight or more than slight gap, and etc. They all didn't look alike no one looked the same.
red Indians ate many different foods depending on where they lived. For example, fish, seal meat, salmon, potato's, bread, and etc.
Red Indians used many different things for their art such as oil, water, leather, wood, pottery, sand painting, and baskets.
Red Indians used many different instruments such as drums, flutes,and etc. They had so many ways to make their music. They would also dance to their music. Also, would have their music on a celebration and holidays.

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