Dallas Cowboys why they will win the super bowl

It all started with the 2004 NFL draft When the cowboys decided to build there monster offensive line which is now one of the most dominate in the NFL a way that they proved that is in the 2014 NFL season when they made it to the conference champion with the leading rusher Demarco Murray who was only the leading rusher because of are awesome offensive line. This is proven when he got traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015 and was one of the worst rushers in the league. Also in that season Tony Romo the Dallas cowboys quarterback injured his back and was out for the whole season and we won 3 games. So that season proved we needed a running back and a back up quarterback. So then came the 2016 NFL draft. This became the big draft we had the fourth overall pick and we picked the beast Ezekiel Elliot. he became the 2016 NFL rushing leader. also in the fourth round of that draft we picked up what we thought would be our back up quarterback Dak Prescott. but in the


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