Leadership Theories by hannah wood

The bill I have chosen is the Military Death Benefits Bill. The leadership theory that was applied to this was the transformational leadership theory. The application of this theory was appropriate because Obama was helping others and putting people who deserve to be helped before himself. This is part of the transformational leadership as in this theory the leader puts others before himself. People may believe that this theory was not appropriate because one might say that Obama was not challenging the status quo in this situation, and therefore a different theory may be more appropriate.

Another leadership that could have been applied to this situation was servant leadership. I feel confident this would be successful because Obama has all of the necessary characteristics such as empathy and listening. One problem there may be with this theory is that Obama might be too committed in the situation and forget about his leadership duties in other situations.

If I were President during this situation I would have used the servant leadership theory. I am confident this would turn out successfully because I would commit myself to helping others and offer my empathy towards them. One concern I have is that I lack the characteristics of foresight which helps connect the past, present, and future, so I would not be able to see how this might affect the future.

One aspect about the bill that I think is beneficial is that we are finally repaying the military for their sacrifice to our country. We are honoring their duty and what they have done for America. One aspect I do not agree with is that is federally funded because that will raise the national debt.




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