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volume 2, July 2018

UR Student - A Modern Student Information System

To stay abreast of the ever-evolving nature of higher education, the UR Student system is built on a platform that is modern and adaptable, offering personalized, real-time access to data from wherever you are. As the project moves forward, we’ll keep you on top of what’s coming next and how to prepare for these exciting changes.

What We Did

Demo Days Refresher

Have you been to one of these informative sessions? For the last three months, we’ve started to give attendees a live tour of UR Student to show off its capabilities. For those who haven’t had a chance to attend in person or remotely, we’ll get you all caught up.

April: UR Student Introduction

  • What we talked about: Introduced the UR Student website as a hub for news and program information, with subscription signup for updates available from the homepage.
  • What we did: Logged into UR Student and navigated through the landing page, student profile information, and demonstrated the mobile view via iPad.
  • What you can do: Watch one of the event videos recorded at the Medical Center, Eastman School of Music or River Campus

May: Student Onboarding Steps

  • What we talked about: Simulated multiple roles in UR Student (e.g. student, advisor, admin) to discuss some of the actions and options available.
  • What we did: Viewed a Fast Facts sheet for a handy summary of the flow and features–from Holds to Notifications.
  • What you can do: Watch one of the event videos recorded at the River Campus or Medical Center.

June: Cohort Management

  • What we talked about: Introduced the idea that a student cohort represents specific groups of students used to assign Advisors, and for transactional purposes, and to apply special attributes in UR Student.
  • What we did: Viewed how to find student cohorts, create cohort types, create cohorts, add and remove students to cohorts, and view a student’s cohort history. We looked at student cohorts from both the administrator view and the student view. use assign students to an advisor and how to see changes in a student’s cohort history.
  • What you can do: Watch one of the event videos recorded at the Medical Center Eastman School of Music or River Campus.

Fast-Fact Check

As the project progresses, keep checking UR Student’s News for the latest materials and to review key Demo-Day takeaways. Get up to speed with the current resources below, but bear in mind that some of the features or functions documented represent the design at a certain stage and may change.

Fast Facts for Student Onboarding

Fast Facts:

UR Student Spotlight

Project Sponsor Nancy Specht shares why she became Workday Student’s “biggest cheerleader.” Read the full article in Community Voices on Workday.com.

Nancy Specht

“Change can be scary, so it’s important that a registrar help people develop a level of comfort with new technology and be able to teach them how to use it.” – Nancy Specht, Assistant Dean for Institutional Research and University of Rochester Registrar.

Read the full article in Community Voices on Workday.com.

What We Are Doing

Phase 1 Timeline shows we are finishing our Configuration and Prototype phase and beginning the preparation for the testing phase of the project. The Configure & Prototype phase is the time in the project where we get to create builds in Workday’s software environment for prototyping (AKA “tenants”) to see how various aspects of the system (e.g. Student Records and Student Finance, and Advising) work with U of R specific configuration and data plugged in. Among others, our functional leads get to run through typical scenarios that faculty, staff, and students will want to use at launch next summer.

as of October 2017
What We Will Do Next

On July 17th & 18th the UR Student team will demonstrate engagement plans that send coordinated communications from UR Student. Specific to an academic unit, these plans identify engagement items like:

  • Creating student emails or printed items using merge fields
  • Creating the audience or recipients for engagements
  • Creating an engagement plan (an automated schedule for the engagements)

Visit UR Student News or attend our Demo Days events to learn more as we progress through this journey. For question or comments regarding the Newsletter or UR Student, contact us anytime.


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