Wisdom In Literature By Sophia D.

I chose the quote “We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in”, because I find it to be true. Every single person in this world has hurt, mentally. They have felt sadness and anger sweep through their mind. They have been teased, treated unfairly. And yet, even in the midst of all of the bad, there is still evident good to the world. I think it is smart and witty, which also represent me, because it makes sense on a figurative and actual standpoint. If something is broken, the light will shine through the holes or tears and reach the center. If humans are broken, it means that their emotions and mind is hurt and crumbling. But while it is crumbling, compliments and good things mean so much more.

I also chose a second quote, to go along with this one, I’m sorry if that’s not allowed…

It is “Stars cannot shine without darkness.” I think this quote furthers what the previous one says. It mentions that we cannot see the good without there being some dark. If everything is light, it fades into background observations. No one is thankful for something that is in abundance. But when the darkness falls, the light stands out and is important to the people.

So when the darkness surrounds people, and they fall into the abyss of sadness, each small candlelight makes a difference to them. Starlight guides them closer to the light. It brings them miracles, yet it wouldn’t be even noticed if not for the darkness.

I think these quotes try to represent that everyone is made up of a little darkness sadness and anger, and a little kindness and happiness. And that being broken, or dark, is a normal thing that is sad, but it let’s you appreciate the light. And most people would disagree, I would guess. They would say how they don’t like being sad, or that they shouldn’t be sad ever. But that is incorrect to me. I think that the sadness, the pain, the days where nothing seems good, no, I don’t enjoy being sad. But I think that as we are sad, the days of light in the future seem ever better. Contrast really makes the good so much better. The contrast in this painting below lets us see the beauty in the tree. If it was all one color, you wouldn’t be able to see it.

We have a state of balance. Of emotions and reactions, of acts and caring. Of thankfulness and ignorance. All of those things even out who we are, and it lets our experience on earth be more enjoyable and entertaining. If everything was “perfect”, then what would we have to do? Every day, our lives would continue, in a constantly bored states. We have a full range and capabilities of emotion, and all of them are important. They help our survival as a species, and our mental state as humans.

This relates to the topic below.

I think this specifically fits me, because sometimes I feel quite sad, or blue. But whenever that happens, every single bit of attention, every genuine compliment, it goes straight into my heart, and makes me smile. Even just a simple “Hello, have a nice day!”, goes a long way into making the day better. Every day the bus driver greets me and tells me to have a nice day, by name. It makes you feel appreciated, and noticed, and cared about, if people talk to you. I know I am a social creature, even if I am quite shy. I like being with others. And the good feelings they create in you make every day special.

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