To Lynbrook's Class of 2020:

8 Aug. 2016. As bright-eyed to-be freshmen, we step onto Lynbrook’s campus for the first time as high school students. Following around upperclassmen through bonding activities and campus tours with the prospect of pizza for lunch, we soon find ourselves calling this campus a home.

15 Aug. 2016. Our first day of high school. Between being trampled by seniors and walking into all the wrong classes, we settle into our seats for the beginning of four magical years.

When it’s time for our first Homecoming, we band together on multiple late nights to finish our backdrop and decs. At 6 a.m. on Monday, we get up bright and early to throw everything together. As the sun rises, we’re locked and loaded to scream our lungs out at gauntlet. Nevermind that we’re truly thrown into the wild with this one — with our deflated thunder sticks and some of us not remembering the class dance — we still give it our all.

The cycle continues during our sophomore year. But with a new homecoming theme, rigorous classes, and driving lessons, it’s a new game we must master. This time, we juggle learning sig figs in Chemistry honors alongside creating decs, making time between SAT prep classes and study sessions to spend time with friends and family.

In junior year, we’re sent to battle socratic seminars in APUSH and weekly practice essays in APLAC, while also getting bombarded with SATs and AP tests. However, our troubles are quickly forgotten with our classic fairytale of a Homecoming and the rallies we attend. We relish in our first year as upperclassmen, camping out at LaTTEA and Philz, planning promposals and shopping for prom dresses, and driving our friends with our new licences in hand.

Soon, the sun (well, actually, maybe just the clouds) rises over the senior class. We’re huddled under blankets, playing Spikeball, and taking pretty pictures which will litter our Instagram feed. As time goes on, we end our Homecoming adventure with a magical finale, push through college applications and admissions interviews with our eyes set on the prize. With every pre-deadline video call or all-nighter, we grow together through everything we experience.

13 Mar. 2020. A fourth period announcement cuts our senior year short. We leave Lynbrook joking about Zoom classes and an early summer, not knowing it would be our last day on campus. Later, emails move our graduation online and we miss out on senior prom and other second semester senior shenanigans. We react to it as any sane person would — with sadness, with anger, with grief. But, just like 2020 usually does, we pull through. When the time comes to celebrate, we proudly put our lawn signs up and deck out our cars for the graduation parade, recognizing our class in the best way we can. We overcome.

4 Jun. 2020. Our last day as Lynbrook students. We’ll be dressed to impress in our caps and gowns, our stoles and cords, ready to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished. While we may not be huddled on the football field’s bleachers under the blazing sun, waiting for Pomp and Circumstance to mark the end of our high school journeys, we’re still filled with the same pride and plenty of spirit, ready to embark on our next journey.

So this is it, Lynbrook. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve pulled all-nighters designing decs, created new senior games, and made countless memories that will last a lifetime. We’re crazy, dedicated, passionate. We’re future leaders, scientists, artists. We’re the Class of 2020, signing out for the last time.


I, Aanand Kainth, bequeath a letter of recommendation to Mihir, my punting skills and distaste for vim to Dhanish and Niranjan, nights at robotics to Yuvaraj and Wayne Co, an amazing and memorable high school experience to my link crew kiddies Netra, Visruth, Govind, Anishka, Connor, Christian, and Carmel, passion for programming to Ankith Madadi, caesar cipher salads to Kento and Sofia, physics fun to Keshav, the real Keshav, and Ingrid, and a wire stripper and mass co to Anitez.

I, Aaron Tai, bequeath DECA pins to Ashley, New Year’s Resolutions to Micha, extravagant sausage sentences to Jocelyn, basketball miles, liners, and wins to Amay, Arjun, and Derrick, expensive cafeteria water to Sarah, a beastly DECA year to Arjun, legendary spikes to Isaac, fallen fruit cups to Helen, quality photos to Pranav, hilarious TikToks to Esha, plug points to Kavya, speedy recovery from AP Bio trauma to Aleena, and every single Lonzo Ball jersey to Alex Tai, Class of 2022.

I, Aayush Seth, bequeath DECA success to WIlliam Tong, lit Kanye songs to Krishna Ajjarapu, and nostalgic memories to Farhaan Khan.

I, Aayushi Jani, bequeath stressful conference memories and zoom workouts to Bhagya Narayanan, sketchy Reddit debate files and last minute prepping to Nevin Thombre, marriage proposals and CVS runs to Vijaya Kukutla, and lifesaving Uber Eats meals to Sanjana Neeli.

I, Abdullah Ashiq, bequeath the cigarette props to Dylan; the sound board to Alex; existential talks to Andrew; unlimited broken legs to the drama fam; never-ending tutor emails to Elizabeth; my hatred of Canva to Vijaya; the “Ashig” MMA gear to Muhammad; and the official power to say my brother’s name to Ron, Pranav, and the rest of LHS Wrestling.

I, Aditi Rao, bequeath matching outfits and chinese-indian feasts to Anwen and Shreya, second semester senior year to Natasha and Shreedevi, and the Lynbrook experience to my brother Amogh Rao, Class of 2026.

I, Aileen Xue, bequeath stress-free production nights and speedy rock paper scissors matches to the Epic, Capri Sun and Mrs.Reed’s ladder to Rashmi, letter from the editors to Bennie and Youqi, pica boxes and freedom from Dhriti to Sunny, Warriors floor seats and the beanbags to Anusha, and snowflakes, movie nights, and a legendary four years at Lynbrook to my best friend and little brother, Brian.

I, Akhil Aggarwal, bequeath an Asian baddie to Jash Gada, Coronavirus to Tim Jing, Mike Wazowski to Monster Zhu, just come!! to Calais Waring, VBCPF to Ishan Goyal, Talking Slowly to Jasmine Hou, The Stink to Christy Feng, Social Bankruptcy to Antara Mallik, Trying to Wake Up at ICDC to Mr. Fulk, 九 to Ethan Lee, Choulé to Isaac Yoon, Mark the Shark to Lynbrook Mock Trial, and Sweet Dance Moves to Mista Bale.

I, Akshaya Ramakrishnan, bequeath an exciting time at the American Cancer Society to Megan Hong, Alvin Cheng, Haadia Tanveer, Demir Genc, and Teresa Arisawa, creative fun-filled art projects at the Public Art Club to Livia Zhu, Jiatong Li, Mukta Phatak, Kylie Chang and Christy Yu, cashmonies and beanbalaba to Sophie Au, Sowmya Mambakkam, Sherry Huang, and Alex Chen, my best wishes to my favorite musical group, the Lynbrook chamber orchestra, and a memorable four years with a healthy sleep schedule at Lynbrook to my little sister Mahati Ramakrishnan, Class of 2025.

I, Alisha Naidu, bequeath my dreams of Arcadia and wisdom about Jake’s trickiness to Gaby Tran, @alisharunz baking skills to Sunny Li, an infinite amount of oats to Srushti Patil, my window-climbing skills and pineapple tart recipe to Rofrog, and lots of love and support (and the camry) to Sanjay Naidu, Class of 2022.

I, Allison Li, bequeath my sharpie eyebrows to Sara Ho, my infinite bio knowledge and hot pot runs to Renee Mok, endless math rants and insane selfies to Lydian Li, cantonese pronunciation and ap art skills to Iris Leung, a fun filled wopo season to Michelle Choi, no more concussions to Lia Seo, sand to Lindsey Lu, Marissa Dai, and Derin Ene, and an epic 4 years to my lil bro Andrew Li, Class of 2024.

I, Amanda Zhu, bequeath Esha Desari my mom energy, Serena Kher my TikTok skills, Navya Bhakta my lack of hand-eye coordination, and the field hockey girls all the kilts and pasta parties this world can offer.

I, Amudha Sairam, bequeath countless all-nighters in hotel rooms to DECA, super fun beach trips, Escape Rooms, and concerts to all my friends, physics struggles and GamePigeon cup pong to Kalika Bhatia, and the amazing memories I made these past four years to all future classes.

I, Amy Tse, bequeath pasta parties, bear scares, kilts, bus rides, and hair ties to my field hockey fam, soccer-mom-ness and much needed punctuality to my soccer sisters, a full length season to my softball squad (and lots of caught pop-flies to my outies), four amazing concerts to my dolci darlings, and four incredible years of high school to Ava (Class of 2024) and Aristotle (Class of 2027).

I, Amy Yang, bequeath my ability to cook without setting the kitchen on fire to Anthony Huang, 10/10 relationship advice to Kavya, Aleena, and Robert, my modeling skills to Chris Kim seonsaengnim, my black heels to Manya, my fast grading skills to Mr. Nguyen, my love for worship to Esther and Yucia, my kdrama recommendation list to Kaveh, and my sanity to Haadia, Ronak, Nathalie, and Isabelle Lee.

I, Ananth Pilaka, bequeath my shoulder pads to Andrew Yang, my locker to David Heydinger, a fun filled year to Krishna Ajjarapu, Pranay Mamileti, Jimmy Yao, Ria Chaudhary, Michael Yang, Sophiya Mehra, Elina Kulakkattolikel, Chaaran Maangina, Sarah Sun, and Suanna Zhong, and "Rishi 1" to Rishi Kodavati.

I, Anay Deshpande, bequeath an amazing future to Lynbrook DECA, fun times for students at Lynbrook currently, and a fun-filled life for the lynbrook staff.

I, Andy Li, bequeath happy vibes to ASB, a peaceful Club Review Process to Clink, post-performance sleepovers to Jalwa, JUMP’s legacy to Joycelyn, a successful season to Shun, Ethan, and Chris (both), a banging Homecoming performance to Jash and JJ, continued abstinence to Lydian, more Chipotle runs to Gaby, deserved recognition to Antara, powerful dance performances to Nivi, secret Vice President powers to Isaac and Kanav, and a fruitful highschool career to Derek Li, Class of 2024.

I, Aneesha Nema, bequeath endless ab-creating laughs to Calais; footprints on The Garage’s wall to Nivi; 4 more pre-rally pep talks to Justin and Ria; my Spotify playlists to Andrea, Alison, and the rest of the Lynbrook hurdlers; member-filled ARK meetings to Joyce, stress-free dance setups to Antara; warm Wednesday morning dance practices to Jalwa; a perfect track attendance to Roy; a speedy season to my bby Serena; and a fun-filled year for next year’s ASBO team <3

I, Angela Steinmetz, bequeath one of my two brain cells to be split by the girl’s volleyball team, and my other brain cell to Justin Lang.

I, Angelin Lee, bequeath all my notes, worksheets, and sleep to my sister Isabelle, my amazing study habits and guessing skills to Kavya, my 843 word hunt wins to Sam, my Thursday lunch food adventures to Sydnie, my godly ceramics glazing talent to Zixin, my Korean skin care routine and my sister eyebrows to Kristin, and my ability to watch horror movies without getting nightmares after, my love for dots, and really high caffeine tolerance to Robert.

I, Anika Kanchi, bequeath deca PJs and an actual ICDC to helen, the taco bell vegetarian menu and my car to willy, my iPhone with no brawl lag and lil dumplings to jimmy, a year without 3Ds to saachi, my "amazing" coding skillz to natasha, “uhbs” just "uhbs" to pranay, my *** to michael, my tiktok knowledge? to elina, ria, sarah, & suanna, an actual silsilay to anusha, alaap, aisa, & taara, and finally the kanchi legacy to nik (lhs'24).

I, Anna Shaposhnik, bequeath joyful girls’ subsystem design sessions to Vardani Karthik and Swasti Jain; 846 spirit and being eternally “cleared for the edge finder” to Austin “Zoom” Cruz, Joonha “Jonah” and Jimin Hwang, Catherine Zheng, Tishya Chhabra, “Yuvi” Dhadwal, and Wayne Suh; 3D animation wizardry to Cheryl Lin; meme-filled character design presentations and artistic endeavors to Patricia “Pattie” Huang, David Choi, Ivie Xu, Corinna Wu, and Andrea Leang; and a big hug to everyone who’s made Lynbrook awesome <3.

I, Anna Paaske, bequeath plaid skirts and iced coffee addictions to my minis Ria and Calais, the cold “speaker” to Pranav and the new techies, kindness and motivation to next year’s ARK, and love to my ASB family.

I, Annamta Shafquat, bequeath Anushka Hadke, Deeksha Badala, Jahnavi Joshi, Divya Singh, Madison Bossetti, Katha Patel, Alicia Chuang, Clarissa Li, Neha Krishnan, Lasya Mallipeddi, Khushi Khasgiwala, Architha Dhananjayan, Priya Senthilkumar my great hugs and wins for future competitions, real advice, stamina for the next few years of school, a couple inches of height, math intelligence, taste in music and shows, snack runs and infinite vine references ;).

I, Apoorva Murari, bequeath an amazing high school experience to my little brother Abhijay Murari (Class of 2026), superior singing skills to Alaap Raag, more fun years of teaching to Ms. Kraemer, the ability to be an amazing captain to Riya Hariyaplar, and a lifetime supply of Chipotle burritos to Spanish Honor Society.

I, Arul Prakash Saravanan, bequeath good study habits, fun times and a memorable high school experience to my little sister, Gowri Shankari Saravanan, class of 2023.

I, Ashley Song, bequeath the biggest hugs and the best boys we’ve never met to Audrey Wong, lots of sleep and many more well-deserved successes to Jasmine Hou, late-night dance parties in hotel rooms to Michelle Zhu and Arwen Ma, all my love and a precious, life-long friendship to Joycelyn Li, and a messy media room, even messier cave, and the yummiest production dinners to my talented Epic staffers and Ed Board.

I, Atharva Gunda, bequeath a fire dance choreo to Megan Hong, post-it notes to Mihika Rayan, peace signs to Ria Chaudhary, smooth body rolls to Pranay Mamiletti, mills to Charan Maangina, a solid boys dance to Michael Yang, a bottle of Coca Cola to Elina Kulakkattolikel, a smartphone to Sophiya Mehra, squash skills to Jimmy Yao, a hoodie to Krishna Ajjarap, colored lighting for Silsilay to Anusha Kothari, an entertaining Mardi Gras to FHS, and a fun high school experience to all my Link Crew kids.

I, Austin Chen, bequeath Taco Bell napkins to Aryan, Chick Fil A runs to Alex, Agape Club and worship hand motions to Elwing, whiteboard drawings to Alex and BJ, personality tests to Amory, Spotify recs to Amy, battlegrounds runs to Roy, kpop songs to Bennett, unbroken arm to Ethan, Tenren drinks to Charlie, abs to Adhvik, pickup lines to Tyler, chewy bars to Srushti, height to Gaby, chips to Ashley, and foot cramps and love to Lynbrook XC and Track.


I, Brendan Plunkett, bequeath my 2 years of tech experience to Pranav C. and the new tech team, the ability to attend ICDC to next year's DECA members, my drip to Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Lee, my bogo acquiring skills to the young resellers of LHS, and a successful sophomore year to my brother Kevin.


I, Caroline Tjoe, bequeath pre-400m jitters to Jiatong and Anastasia, my frosting-smearing talents and long runs to Mukta and Livia, lazy track mornings to Andrea, workouts under the pouring rain/burning sun to Roy and Bennett, sunset pictures and bleacher sprints to Patricia, the power of franglaing to Kriti and Ananya, fun-filled food adventures to Alex, and finally, self-confidence to my little sister Alison (you deserve it).

I, Catherine Huang, bequeath note-worthy music puns and a memorable benefit concert to Grace, Richard, Emily, and Marcus; best of luck with dance to Zixin, Claire, and Iris; a walking home companion to Ivie; positivity-filled early mornings (and strangely accurate chem lab measurements) to Naomi; and best wishes and lots of love to the classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023.

I, Charles Barnes, bequeath lung capacity and clean technique to the Alto Saxophone section, pristine sand pits to the Long and Triple Jumpers, dedication to show up to practice to Allen Ye, a non-injured season to Anthony Chan, Spanish fluency to Alex Tai and Daniel VanWiggeren, impromptu CYCS performances to Hsinpen Wen, and stress-free seasons to Ivilyn Tan and Roy Chien.

I, Charu Vijay, bequeath my expeditious comprehension of water polo plays and my communal crayola-mobile to Michelle Choi, and my affection for phenotypic expression to Avantika Gokulnatha.

I, Chris Tang, bequeath late night Japan Bowl meetings at T4 and skribblio to my kouhais Benjamin Chang, Elaine Chen (art & life gang), Renqi Wu, Justin Chang, Harshi Thumati, and Chris Cho, and two presentation slides and candy for next year’s Japanese club officers.

I, Cindy Xu, bequeath postponed pizza parties to Helen, DECA tiktoks to Jasmine, manual rooming to Tim, glitchy reg portals to Aayushi, being “mean president” to Amory, (on time) room checks and designer hoodies to Naman, success on the circuit to Shreya, Nevin, and Vivek, history memes and controversial opinions to Pranay, Milano cookies and “coding” skills to Riya, staying awake in math to Reina, finding new grandparents to Sidharth and Aditya, agricultural success to Vaibhav, Kunal, Selena, and Ojas, and an exciting next 3 years of high school to my brother, Alex.

I, Cosmo Cao, bequeath the art of the brutherford to the speshmen, my legendary brawl skills to Sanjay Naidu and Rohit Malhotra, intonation to Adhvik Kannan, my dignity to Saumi Dikhit, the Chinese language to Gaby Tran, vehement sarcasm to Sunny Li and Selena Zhao, hot distance runners to Srushti Patil, a bald head to Derek Han, common sense to Andrewman, a few more inches to Aryan Shah, and true love in life to Theo Lai and Ethan C. Lin.

I, Cynthia Gao, bequeath a social life of participating in Homecoming, joining clubs, and going to football games and dances to my brother, Andrew Gao (class of 2024).


I, Darren Huang, bequeath my missing Pomp and Circumstance performance to the clarinet section.

I, David Zheng, bequeath the BEAR to Mr. and Ms. Leung, all my Shrek pictures to Math Club, and the CAML to Ms. Korsunsky.

I, Dhriti Iyer, bequeath my last name and megamind to Kavya Iyer, god-tier photoshop skills and non-existant sleep schedule to Sunny Li, endless concert tickets and hugs to Audrey Wong, and a fret-free production to all my news babies.

I, Diana Xu, bequeath a successful term to my Key Club babies, endless amounts of food to the Epic, an unforgettable last Homecoming to Stephanie, Nivi, Sarah, JJ, Jash, and Michael Yang, fulfilling media opportunities to Austin, proper greetings to Ethan, charisma to Isaac, funny videos and laughs to Michael Hu, amazing dance performances to Ceci, slaps on the butt to Lydian, and all my hugs and love to my babies Rei, Tammi, Danielle, Aayushi, Gaby, and Eddie.

I, Diya Mirji, bequeath creative ideas to Russell Lin, cool solutions to Derek Liu, more interesting conversations to Andrew Merriam, and a corona-free senior year to Bhagya Narayanan.


I, Edison Chen, bequeath the remains of the soon-to-be liquidated company of Inked Out 2nd period to Jocelyn Chern, Amy Sun, and Sarah Cheah, my outstanding ability to always post reference numbers in accounting to Elysa Lee, pro Smash Bros skills to Darian Liu, and an amazing junior and senior year to my sister Tiffany Chen.

I, Edmund Xin, bequeath an undefeated Lynbrook football season, never-ending campus construction, and a virus-free high school to all classes at Lynbrook.

I, Elise Jang, bequeath sweaty golf games with a side of burning french fries and the Lynbrook Girls Golf team to Joomi Park, amazing learning experiences and Indesign, a club filled with talented, creative, and artistic people, to my baby Amy Sun, and long hours working on homecoming and school events and making memorable experiences your last year in high school to my children Antara Mallick and Joyce Feng.

I, Elissa Shih, bequeath my brain cells, life skills, ice cubes, the title of mother dearest, and all the good things to Elaine Chen, the history team and the role of Elaine's guardian to Chris (kurisu) Cho, my excellent time management skills (cough) to Alex Huang, my mediocre Japanese and boba popsicles to Victoria Hwu, my proficiency in sarcasm to Renqi Wu (you've almost mastered it!), and JClub to the super capable Harshi Thumati. Love you all, thanks for everything!

I, Emily Wei, bequeath many origami cranes to Kitchen Sensei's classroom, many art supplies and a functioning sink to Mr. Reynolds classroom, my flag skills and non-flexibility to my little guardlings, my eight silicone straws to the members of CAA, and lastly my six years of questionable Japanese skills to Kristy Wang.

I, Emily Zhang, bequeath mother-daughter vibes to Paulina, Cindy, Irene, and Hannah, non-awkward hugs to Alicia, zoom breakout-room silence and duck faces to Ivilyn, and continuation of k-drama Wednesdays to Kitchen Sensei.

I, Emily Hsu, bequeath a fun chamber group to Sherry, a piano part for Dvorak piano quintet to Joseph, strings to Sowmya, beanbalaba to Alex Chen, cashmere to Sophie, no more apmt to Alex Zheng and Tinhsu, more productive sectionals and all my love to chamber orchestra, fries and whatever is left of my golf skills to the girls golf team, and finally, a fun, less stressful time at Lynbrook to my little sister Evelyn, Class of 2024.

I, Emily Lu, bequeath iron-hard calves and an unlimited supply of turtle chips to all the Valks, cute messy buns and MUA-level makeup skills to Megan Hong, 3 AM convos and the state of being vertically challenged to Victoria Hwu, dry sarcasm and a fastpass to see Mickey and Minnie to Sabrina Ning, good vibes and a Brandy Melville job offer to Sarah Sun, free lightsticks and awesome kimbap making skills to Elizabeth Zhang, motivational pep talks and a successful last year at Lynbrook to Carol Gao.

I, Emma Nguyen, bequeath my pride and joy: Lynbrook Interact club to Helen Hu, Emily Mao, and Jeanie Chan; A12 spirit to Lauraine Kong and June Kim, an amazing trip to Hawaii and more apples to the XC team; chaotic yet exhausted energy to Livia Zhu; hoodie-mode to Mukta Phatak; more plants to Jiatong Li, ability to communicate with eye contact to Rashmi Ramchandra, and lastly, my desk and a memorable last two years of high school to Tyler Nguyen.

I, Enzo Cabaltica, bequeath bboy leadership to Samuel Li, motivation to train to Ryan Jia, power moves to Andrew Chang, more participation and injury-free jams to Breakdance Club, 2000 IQ to Justin Lang, lots of boba to Katie Chen, Photoshop knowledge to Kavya Iyer, camera skills to Audrey Wong, guitar lessons to Jasmine Hou, eye-catching layouts and hearty production dinners to the Epic, and four enriching and enjoyable years to my brother Gio Cabaltica, class of 2024.

I, Eric Yang, bequeath successful rehearsal scouting to Jash, spankless nights in the garage to Eddie, slower choreography to JJ, ditching practice for coffee to Nivi, a razor to Shailesh Kumar Senthil Kumar, incredible cake gains to Ethan, ICDC qual to Jasmine, less watery matcha lattes to Helen, time to bond with DECA officers to Tim, the VBC legacy to Ishan, big boi Spikeball muscles to Isaac, and stress-free beach trips to Aileen.

I, Erin Gao, bequeath negative body battery to Selena Zhao, teaching skills to Sunny Li, bread and 3in of height to Srushti Patil, brainz to Amory Gao, sub6 to Janani Asokumar, smiles to Patricia Chang, not swimming to Sophia Das, Isabelle Chan and Alexa Kwan, ACS to Megan Hong and Alvin Cheng, not losing airpods to Aryan Shah, being cool to Ethan Lin, tanlines to Theo Lai, volume control to Rohit Malholtra, hair? to Derek Han, and <3 to XC/TF.

I, Eunice Leung, bequeath daily boba and HC to Tiffany Sit, my very limited physics knowledge and TY to Samyuktha Ramanan, my eye for photography to Carol Gao, my handbell gloves to Renee Mok, a philly cheesesteak to Micheaela Lee, my arm heart to Rishima Tewari, and egg beaters to my wopo girls.


I, Faizah Asif, bequeath productive and stress-free work days to Valhalla yearbook, and MistaBale’s ‘chickory’ jokes to my ‘twin’ little sister Bushra Asif, Class of 2022.


I, Gehna Gupta, bequeath my will to try during swim practice to Jessica Fowler, my AP Gov notes to Lia Seo, organizational skills to run a team to Lucas Lin and Remini Jadro, and a fun-filled high school experience to Charan Mangina.

I, George Lu, bequeath a joyful homecoming to the classes of 21, 22, 23, and 24.

I, Grace Huang, bequeath continued prosperity and my love to the entire Vertigo staff, more of my love to my 2021 friends and kouhais, and both a bright and successful future to my little brother Nicholas Huang, class of 2022.

I Guhner McCleve, bequeath the title of swolest wrestler on the team to Lowell, all of my love to Yech, my spirit to Rohan and Frank, and the approval they deserve to the lads.


I, Haley Ziegel, bequeath all middle college shenanigans to Anastassiya Kali, along with Sean’s irritation during third hour.

I, Hali Wu, bequeath PG-13 conversations and 7am sectionals to the flute section, a successful inward somersault to Claire Chen, pineapple-less pizza to Wesley Goh, carrying the oboes to Vivian Hwang and Yixuan Wong, my Stanford lanyard to Faith Ju, being able to deal with Faith on walks home to Rahul Idgunji, Chick-fil-A fries and sunset drives to Ivilyn Tan, the best Silsilay to the Taara team, and the best three years to my little brother Jerry Wu.

I, Hanjie Chen, bequeath “Show-Off Lovin’ Flexible Girl” to Alicia Chuang, “Man of The Year” to Lester Lee, Class of 2021. “Unruled Muscular Boy Scout” to Kevin Xiang Li, “Queen of Responsibilities” to Praharshitha Thumati, “Sensible Giver” to Anishka Merwah, “Always With A Cute Smile” to Maddisyn Jensen, “The Challenger” to Remini Jadro, “Shadow Master” to Ronald Sit, “Chill Dude” to Umar Mahmood, and “I’m Leaving All To You” to Erick Nagamine, Class of 2022.

I, Haruya Tatsumi, bequeath #10 jersey to Ethan Israel, navy turtleneck to Christopher Li, contacts to Chris Kim, bottles of shampoo to Srikar Nimmagadda, Bob’s pep talk to Tyler Nugyen, JpnFob spirits to Shuntataro Akeyama, sweet Kanji dreams to Jamie Kim, Cream sundae to Ashley Tsao, rest of episodes of Terrace House to Sophia wu, 10 pieces of BonChon to Stephanie Feng, and spirits of Tobeh to all the boys in Lynbrook soccer.


I, Ian Moore, bequeath my favorite phrases to Theodore Lai, and Oreo the cat to Lydian Li.

I, Isabel Moh, bequeath Amy Sun, Sarah Cheah, Nidhi Raviprasad, Catherine Li, and Natasha Kulkarni the scalding badminton tea; Sydney Liu rotation skills; Livia Zhu, Jiatong Li stress free club management year; Patricia Huang, David Choi, and Corinna Wu those last minute officer examples; Iris Leung, Kadia Lao, and Autumn Richmond art skills; Ethan Lin that 2am homework grind.

I, Isha Madan, bequeath a potato farm to Gehna, rings to Maria, knee high boots to Apoorva, sunglasses to Atharva, apples to Soham, bio textbooks to Shounak, don’t let the bedbugs bite to Chinmay, beats to Anish, MVP to Ananth, kindness to Hersh, fake crying to Soumya, CSF to Maanvi, fun practices to Suanna, Sophia, Sarah, Ria, Pranay, Michael, Krishna, Jimmy, Hali, Ellie, Charan, Anika, art to Caroline, Jennifer, William, Nathaniel, and four wonderful years to the class of 2020.


I, Janice Chiu, bequeath photoshoots and middle school memories to Sarah, Cafe Lattea study sessions to Aayushi, Isaac, and Ethan Lee, Saratoga winter formal and hugs to Tammi, the best hugs to Micha, Lydian’s basketball games and positive vibes to Eddie, the future of Lynbrook diving team and driving to Jodi, La Cueva lunches and actually texting back to Rei, and late-night talks, hanging every day, target adventures, and Tik Toks to Lydian.

I, Janvi Ramchandra, bequeath art skills to my little sister, Rashmi Ramchandra, and Spanish Honor Society to Ibraheem Qureshi, Rashmi Ramchandra, Nidhi Raviprasad, Eshani Jha, and Samyuktha Ramanan.

I, Jayson Lee, bequeath 2020 guys to Lydian Li, team captain to Fred Lee and Arjun Kumar, jonathansofly to JJ Huang, a boyfriend to Anya Hung and Rachana Aluri, Harvard to Chris Zhang, De Anza to Anshul Kamatala, a sub-7 mile to William Chang, Jayson to Jason Lo, Animal Crossing to Aileen Mi, marching band to Kristy Wang, a Softball Coach to Melissa McCullough, tennis balls to Rahul Idgunji, a knee to Ashlyn Kim, and height to Jimmy Yao.

I, Jennifer Kim, bequeath amazing CSP skills to Pranav Kirti, American Girl dolls to Michelle Choi, Tiktok fame to Jimmy Yao, and unforgettable study sessions to William Tong.

I, Jessica Atmadja, bequeath speedy decision making for the team to Lydian Li, popcorn chicken hotpot to Renee Mok, and really fire apparel to the TiKtOk LIgends.

I, Jiaqin Sun, bequeath joy and best luck to those who will be attending Lynbrook.

I, Jonah Soong, bequeath good luck, confidence, and awesome design skills to Conrad Ho, a valuable member of The Funky Monkeys.

I, Joyce Chen, bequeath all field hockey craziness to Natalie Homstad and Tammi Trujillo and math test madness' to Arjun Kumar and Natasha Kulkarni.

I, Julia Lin, bequeath another wonderful season with minimal injury to the girls basketball team and another fun year in Lynbrook High School for all the students.

I, Julie Lee, bequeath a fulfilling year of endless spirit to my Key-cuties, multiple servings of Paco’s Tacos and big bank to Shreedevi Rao, spontaneous Cupertino library trips to Jimmy Yao, love for Viking Buddies to Rashmi Ramchandra, sleep deprivation and dankness to Naman Singhal, optimism and boy talks to Joycelyn Li, mom status to Nancy Qi, “jajajas” and a memory-filled senior year to William Tong, and all my love/happiness to Ms.Blazek, teachers, and students in first period.

I, Justin Chu, bequeath my sitting rock at Rainbow Park to my little brother Joshua, class of 2023


I, Kaden Chen, bequeath my remaining brain cells to the boys.

I, Karisa Choi, bequeath more artistic abilities and some good luck to Alex Cheng, more fun studio art times to Kadia Lao, Iris Leung, and Sahiti Go, and a lot of needed sleep and car insurance to Alex Chen.

I, Katherine Wang, bequeath my Day 1&2 rescheduled BTS concert tickets to Michelle Zhu, 12 DECA lanyards to Michelle Zhu and Arwen Ma, all the snack crumbs left in my ASB cabinet to Antara Mallick, my astounding senioritis to Lydian Li, and all my love to Tim Jing.

I, Kavish Trivedi, bequeath Ocean Science Bowl luck to Jonathan Qin, Kevin Li, and Wilson Ho, my Science Club laziness to Jonathan Huang and Flora Huang, Star Party planning to Sohan Talluri and Emily Chen, and my crown jewels to Harsha Kadiyala.

I, Kaylin Li, bequeath off-topic officer meetings to our new Public Art officers Livia Zhu, Jiatong Li, Mukta Phatak, Christy Yu, and Kylie Chang, computers free of glitching software and stories without delayed publishing to new Epic web editors Diana Kohr and Priyanka Anand, and a stress-free high school experience to my brother Edwin.

I, Kelli Yee, bequeath the ridiculous badminton tea to Amy Sun, Sarah Cheah, Neil Patel, Nidhi Raviprasad, and Natasha Kulkarni, a prosperous junior year to Anika Bhandarkar, V1 position to Catherine Li; and social skills to my brother Ryan Yee.

I, Kristine Sheu, bequeath one kiss to Ashlyn Kim and Evan Liu.

I, Kyle Yu, bequeath interact leadership to Helen Hu, japan bowl management to level three, social study skills to Justin Chang and Praharshitha Thumati, godly league mechanics to Alex Lyu, my 66% kill ratio to Justin Dong and Andy Xu, buttery sets to Chris Lee, dimes to Rishi Kodavati, artistic prowess to Joe Lin, Jacob Liu, and Allison Hsu, connex dance moves to Alex Tai, and an amazing two more years of high school to my precious sister, Sydnie Yu.


I, Lakshay Maharana, bequeath the "largest" club on campus to Helen, Jasmine, Tim, Aayushi, and the rest of the DECA team, the GOAT website to Naman, my bid through the bid transfer machine to Vaibhav and Kunal, circuit success to Selena and Ojas, MDC's future to Soma, 2nd Round VBC Fashion to Vincent and Justin, the ICDC safe to Jimmy, William, and JD, and PK's garage to Harsha Kadiyala.

I, Larry Peng, bequeath hostility, agility, mobility, and double-doubles to the throwers, gavels and lots of speaking time to the MUNners, and fun times to the scouts of T452.

I, Lauren Ho, bequeath to Vertigo: lesson plans from the New Yorker, chaotic neutral energy, & Zadie Smith; TED: illustrious guest speakers & kbbq; Field hockey: air dribbling, vegan Whole Foods, & tardiness; Amanda: my course schedule & sleep; Kanav: due diligence; Navya: French gossip sessions; AP Lit: a complete academic year, The Handmaid’s Tale, & Sharon Olds; Editors, Presidents, and Captains: godspeed.

I, Lauryn Tuo, bequeath my superiority in both height and GamePigeon to Antara, endless supply of Tpumps Tuesdays and “we’re fine” consolations to Natalie, freedom from dealing with my subpar IQ to Aayushi, love for TWICE to William, my impeccable TED attendance to Kanav, and Kahoots to Ibraheem, Rashmi, Eshani, and Nidhi.

I, Linda Goh, bequeath my late night spontaneous adventures to Sophia Wu, my senioritis to Ethan Lee, and an exciting four years at Lynbrook for my favorite cousin Andrew Liang, Class of 2024.


I, Maanvi Thawani, bequeath driving over toes and 49.8% of my entire life to William Tong, indian movies and falling asleep on FT calls to Naman Singhal, restarting Lynbrook’s best club to Pranav Kirti, dead bio plants to Aaron Jew, and all my CSF love to Matthew, Sanjana, Alisa and Vijaya.

I, Madeline Shao, bequeath unlimited cong you bing to the volleyball team, my physics knowledge and setting skills to Natalie Eng, a Z in team (you’re welcome) to Zixin Lu, much-needed height to Arielle Leong, instant healing for bruised knees to Daphne Lee, the correct pronunciation of her last name to Anastasia Trushchankova, the ability to recognize perfect squares first to Rachana Aluri, 1/3 of a brain cell to Mei Corricello, and Pardis Sabeti videos to Roy Long.

I, Madhavan Anbuchelvan, bequeath endless birdies to Anton, James, Achint, Andrew, Steven, Sunny, Nishad, Dhruv, Timothy and Joseph, the ability to suture one handed to Anya, Audrey, Cassie and Hasitha, a ive ck and mango lassi to Anitez, a sense of fashion to Aadit, an A+ in physics to Amritraj, and a new GM for the Hornets to Pranay.

I, Maggie Li, bequeath minimal delinquent seniors to all the amazing teacher and staff, for Ms. Kruk to never have to use zoom calls again to conduct a class, and my baby bro, William Li, to get the full stressful, awkward, wonderful experience of high school life, for his class of 2027.

I, Mahdi Yousuf, bequeath fun and memories in Physics and my senior year to Ankit Saxena.

I, Maitri Khanna, bequeath correcting underclassmens’ dots during memorable marching band practices to all of my lovely flute babies, all my love in the world to Maya Belur, taking on Jennifer Luu’s persona to Katha Patel, sense of humor to 3-D Ducks, passion for fashion to Amy Sun & her team, wonderful life lessons and emotional growth to mmmelodychennn, late night tea to JAS MEEN Rihal, and an exciting 4 years of discovering the world to my brother, Kush Khanna!

I, Maria Thomas, bequeath a memorable high school experience to my brothers, Ethan Thomas (Class of 2023) and Aston Thomas (Class of 2026), many more years of engaging teaching to Ms Quindipan, Mr Blaschke, Mr Bale, Mr Seike, and Ms Levin, exciting Silsilays to LHS Taara, successful conferences to Lynbrook DECA, all my love and support to my friends who have stuck with me for the past four years, and to all a wonderful future as the Class of 2020.

I, Matthew Wu, bequeath a better haircut to Robert Dai, extra thiccness to Ethan Lee, longer shorts to Ethan Israel, eyebrows to Lydian Li, non-giraffe-like running form to Bennet Wong, Bedwars skill to Derek Li, and a successful brawl stars career to Andy Xu.

I, Maya Abiram, bequeath unlimited gavels and poorly edited vlogs to Lynbrook Model UN, 50 minute water breaks to the girl’s tennis team, jalapeno chips to Riya Abiram, reddit memes to Abhinav Ganesh, $600 to Ian Chen, a squirrel to Jamie Tan, a toilet to Hillary Chang, Kevin’s famous chili to Shyon Ganguly, dolphin plushies to Amy Liu and Emma Tu, and to Lynbrook High School, all the love in the world.

I, McKenna Shieh, bequeath a legendary last girls dance to Stephanie Feng, a stress free college app season to Aayushi (Dora) Jain, and the best senior year adventures ever to Rei Trujillo.

I, Medha Upadhyay, bequeath the second lane to Alexa Kwan and Ivy Li, math scrambling to Katie Chen and Elena Williams, all the beauty of 611 to Renee Ge and Lillian Fu, the best playlists to Sanyam Ratan, and a superior Lynbrook experience to Vidushi Upadhyay.

I, Megan Yeh, bequeath a successful year for the Valks and ASB Tech, a simpless year for Pranav Chittharanjan, the courage to face upperclassmen to Michelle Zhu, a successful film career for Austin Tong, footlong hot dogs and Chipotle to Anthony Huang, my name to Megan Hong, my love for dance to Stephanie Feng, Nivi Madhan and Ceci Sun, La Cueva to Issac Yoon, and a stress free 4 years of high school to Derek Li.

I, Michelle Kudo, bequeath my own pain and suffering to the rest of Lynbrook High School.

I, Michelle Chew, bequeath new discoveries to Jamie Choun, confidence to Kelly Yeh, an outfield position to Isabela Britton, peace and rest to Alex Chen, Chicken McNuggets to Maddy Jensen, a better season to Evan Liu, my forgotten secret sister gifts to Praharshitha Thumati, awesome friendships to David Garcia, and self-assurance to Jojo Azevedo.


I, Natalie Semersky, bequeath thrift flipping to Amy and Kruk, dogspotting to the asap team, popcorn and lime hot cheetos to Isaac, T4 uno to the asbuds, the committee to Haadia and Carolyn, vermont molasses to Coffee, Sherri, Tim, Isabella, and Oliver, my room to Paige, and driving to Owen.

I, Nathan Fang, bequeath my VP spot to Andrew Tu, my setting experience to the underclassmen on the volleyball team, and my style to the underclassmen in the bboy club

I, Nathaniel Satriya, bequeath an awesome high school experience to my sister Krisalyn, success to Anya, Shailesh and Steve in running Neuroscience club, IOL qualification to Jonathan, dedication to next year's Indesign and CDC officers, and confidence and willpower to all those struggling with mental health issues and/or against discrimination at Lynbrook.

I, Neil Warke, bequeath brownies and romcom movie nights to Gaby Tran, DECA hotel wrestling and Hollaback Girl jam sessions to William Tong, and late night Calabazas ball to Jimmy Yao.

I, Nicolas Nguyen, first bequeath Amanda Song an actual sense of humor, my dedication to track and field to, Aryan Shah, Roy Chien, Derek , and Charlie Chiang, my bass skills to Austin Cruz, Evan Hwang, and Ryan Jia, my love for LEO to Alex Cheng, free icicles to Alex Tai and Tyler Nguyen, and tickets to my concert bass solo(when I become famous) to Ashely Chen, Allen Wang, Tsunami & Arika Tazawa, Eunsoo Oh, and Richard Niu.

I, Nicole Ong, bequeath PPPPs and korea-boohoos to Vishma Raj; proper sleep to Anoushka Naik; sardines and sanity to Elena Williams; my sports genius to Anusha Kothari; Epic membership (finally) to Kavya Iyer; strawberry milks and big hugs to Audrey Wong; cursed memes to Stella Huang; messenger pigeons to Elliu Huang; political genius to Bennie Chang; my mom energy, sheer chaos, and love to every (!) Epic staffer; and all my love, hugs, smarts, and mug cakes to my little brother, Fortnite world cup champion, and CEO of CEOs Kenneth Ong, c/o 2022.

I, Niranjan Joshi, bequeath babakinte gang to Pranay Mamileti, a stolen KitKat bar to Ankit Saxena, Lil Huddy to Ria Chaudhary, an out of court statement made for the truth of the matter asserted to Zoe Parkhomovsky and Kanav Tirumala, no blue mud to Lynbrook Mock Trial, and four gulag-free years at Lynbrook to my little brother, Nachiket Joshi.

I, Nirmit Ashar, bequeath the table of knowledge to Keshav, the re-used Caesar cipher salads to Kento and Sofia, and a big chicken and PK's garage to Harsha, the next coming of LeBron James.

I, Nisha Fernandes, bequeath my lack of baking skills and my original attendance codes to my Vivek, Catherine, Priyanka, Keshav, Amy, and the rest of the MTW club, the missed pizza parties to Helen, Jasmine, Amory, Tim, Aayushi, and the rest of the DECA members, the hours of editing plans to William, my puns and acronyms and more importantly the ability to not say farming to Kunal and Vaibhav, my obsession with fonts to Ojas, a scrunchie to Selena, my physics lab skills to Ria, my creatively named study prep to Janani, Alvin, and Alaap, and my love of ranting and my Canva account to Bhagya.

I, Nithya Srinivasan, bequeath my nonexistent dance skills to Sneha Sundar, Avantika Thiruppukuzhi, and Ananya Bharadwaj. I bequeath the entirety of my null CS knowledge to Claire Chen, and my hypothetical physics knowledge to Isha Venkatesh. To Catherine Zheng, I bequeath a big fat hug. To Ramya and Radha Paravastu, I bequeath a lifetime of happiness.

I, Nyna Velamuri, bequeath my undying love for piping hot chai to Alaap Rag, LHS Taal to Shreedevi Rao and Bhagya Narayanan, a lot of patience and love for singing to Saachi Pandit and Alisha Bose, no-text face snaps to Naman Singhal, and a lot of screaming at Silsilay to Anusha Kothari.


I, Olivia Lin, bequeath restaurant ideas to the girl's basketball team, car-parking skill and hot pot to Renee Mok, physics knowledge to Lydian Li, good knees to Sara Ho, cool shoes to Annie Zeng, teacher appreciation posters to Kaitlyn Virola, height to Maison Yee, a driver's license to Hali'a Yee, my ACS enthusiasm and throws to Haadia Tanveer, and my love for Viking Buddies to Rashmi Ramchandra.


I, Phoebe Lin, bequeath a scar-lot-i of co-relli good music puns to Grace, Marcus, Richard, and Emily; sin is y and cos is x to my TA kids; eternal respect for Tracy to cousin Sharlene Huang; acute angles to a cute Angels Jiao; a shiny linoone to Sumedh [a shiny shenoyttwo]; the sun, stars, and tomatoes aka sunflora Huang to herself; freedom to Samantha [little_huang]; squishy ducks, early chatots, universe soup, and eventual_huang to Jonathan Huang; and Jonathan to eventual_huang.

I, Pranav Kakhandiki, bequeath every possible entity I am capable of bequeathing to Benjamin Liu of the Varsity Tennis team.

I, Pranav Kadiyala, bequeath Youmans to Eric, Tim, and Haadia, the couch at Cupertino Library to William, hard lifting sessions to Isaac, late night spike sessions to Jimmy and the boys, Pre-Med meetings to Sowmya, and the wildest 4 years to Harsha Kadiyala, 2024.

I, Pranav Mishra, bequeath lots of crispy apples to Jasmine; many spicy PERIODTS to Sarah(sksksksks); roobie-boo to Michelle my main dawg; a pay raise at Staples to Mei; gaoerfu medals to Anton; our academy-award winning skit to Bennie; Romanian lessons to Ron and Emma; hugs and poetry to Ria and Lillian; hula-hoops and photogenecity(?) to Kavya(kavyuck); some sass to Kanav; better instagram filters to Katie; samosas to my Desi squad; and a nonsense boy to Riya.


I, Rachana Muvvala, bequeath infinite study session hugs to Helen, haunted phone #’s to Jasmine, janky reg-portals to Aayushi, last-minute presentations to Tim, love for Canva to Amory, crazy rebuttals and LSD love to Nevin, Vivek, and Shreya, my incredible understanding of slang to Vaibhav and Kunal, WordHunt dubs to Selena and Ojas, grandpa affection to Aditya and Sid, a little more time to breathe to Naman, and my “amazing” punctuality, wardrobe, and endless support to my little sis, Vineeta.

I, Raghav Bhasin, bequeath fun opening nights, memes backstage, and hilarious improv to the Lynbrook Drama students.

I, Raghav Batra, bequeath an amazing 3 years for the class of 2024, an eventful and adventurous senior year for Ankit Saxena, class of 2021.

I, Raghav Ganesh, bequeath Eshani Jha with science fair skills at Synopsys and JSHS, Soma Tummula with mobile development, and Richard Chiu and Timothy Cho with fun musical production and performances.

I, Raka Acharya, bequeath unlimited boba to Khalika, stupid nicknames to Syd, club gossip sessions to Bhagya, DROMs to my ex-volleyball children, singing opening statements to President Parkhomovsky, voyager lattes to Ria, and barking to Lynbrook Mock Trial.

I, Rebecca Liu, bequeath mock trial madness to Zoe Parkhomovsky and Ria Chaudhary, the pebble-filled softball field to Elina Kulakkattolikel and Evan Liu, 7 steps to Melissa McCullough, goal sheets to Keilah Danville, and always being bold and brave to Manya Marri.

I, Rhea Anand bequeath Aussie standard time to Mr Williams, good thrift finds to Esha Dasari, Lionel’s insults to Natalie Homstad, Bestie Picks Bae to Chris Kim, tik tok fame to Amy Sun, chaotic women’s march trips to Zoe Parkhomovsky and the rah hockey spirit to Kruk.

I, Riddhi Somani, bequeath my senioritis and endless racket sport memories to to Khushi Khasgiwala, Vaishnavi Ramanujan, and Shreya Sinha, AP Bio struggles to Anisha Chatterjee, impromptu to Riya Hariyaplar and Akul Murthy, wholesome discussions in speech practices to Alisha and Sanjana, fun AEP things and hype to Shreya Udupa and a good time at Lynbrook to Akshat Dhingra.

I, Robert Sun, bequeath many victories to the cross country and track teams and salutes to MistaBale (and Mr. Pugh).

I, Roxanne Chou, bequeath endless Disney adventures and long legs to Megan, Sydney, Olivia, and Sarah, a lifetime supply of ramen to Anthony, TikTok fame to Amy, java skills to Malavika, chipotle fundraisers to Pranav, an amazing four years at Lynbrook, cookie recipes, and some height to Nachiket, and six packs as well as my love and support to the Valks.


I, Sahil Somani, bequeath my car insurance to Nancy Qi, my simping skills to Arwen Ma, my EdPuzzle account to Andrew Tu, two more boring years of marching band to Rahul Idgunji, my conservative ideology to Zoe Parkhomovsky, my real and not ratty dog to Megan Hong, a life as an only child to Kristy Wang, my Minecraft skills to Aileen Mi, my physics skills to Ashley Tsao, and my personality to Michelle Zhu... wait jk she already has it.

I, Sanjana Narayanan, bequeath Paper Airplanes to Nancy, Zahra and the rest of the PA team, milpitas baddies to Emily Chen, yoga classes to Ian Chen, hot chicks to Abhinav Ganesh, brown dad walks to Ramya Paravastu, squirrels to Kalika Bhatia, people falling off of buildings to Malaika Sriram, more physics problems to Michelle Choi, “trueee” to Andrew Tu, and an amazing time at Lynbrook to my sister, Ira, class of 2024.

I, Sanjana Ravikumar bequeath my Viking Vocalists Vice Presidency and broadway geekdom to Alisha Bose, late night Mardi Gras planning to my Serpentard buddies Ananya Balagere and Kriti Maiya, all my love and gratitude to everyone who’s made this journey so incredible and all the luck in the world to my sister Vaishali Ravikumar, Lynbrook Class of 2025.

I, Sarah Sotoudeh, bequeath 3-minute planks and burning calves to Megan Hong, 1st Place Kick Championships and early morning practices to the Valks, Sunday bagel intensives and thousands of meeting docs to Zoe Parkhomovsky, my endless love for small group discussions to Vishma Raj, Vineeta Muvvala, Riya Abiram, and the entire IxN squad, enjoyable (?) conference registration to Sanjana Neeli and Amay Tripathi, and all my FBLA love to Michael Yuan.

I, Sarah Li, bequeath another painful but fun year of Jbowl to Elaine and Chris, successful JNHS activities to Amelia, Victoria, and the rest of the officer team, more dancing to Iris and ZiXin, and a no-chem year to Daniel.

I, Sathvika Anand, bequeath field hockey drills and our nonexistent weight room runs to Shirley, Navya, Alyssa, and Bella, warmups to Hsinpin, inspiration to Coach Thomas, zentangle club to Shirley, Olivia, and all our members, and ceramics shenanigans to Anjali and Andrew.

I, Shannon Kuo, bequeath a single brain cell of volleyball IQ to all players in the Lynbrook Volleyball program.

I, Shinda Huang, bequeath the pride of Lynbrook to my friends still in Lynbrook. This pride is what sometimes kept me going; it might keep you going too.

I, Shiv Sankhavaram, bequeath Alex Tai my kids, Austin Zhang better study habits, Jeff Bale my everlasting love, Robert Dai a kiss, Akshat better hops, and Amy Sun chaotic energy.

I, Shree Phadke, bequeath the future of Film Club and my love for creating videos to Pranay Mamileti and Pranav Chittharanjan, my killer pitching abilities to William Chang, and the legacy of www.scape.zone to MistaBale.

I, Shubhra Dubey, bequeath crazy practices and karaoke parties to Rei Trujillo, Aayushi Jain, Danielle Ma, Srinidhi Sathish, Tammi Trujillo, Livia Inojoza, Samantha Wong, Varsha Govindaswamu, Hallie Zhou, and all of Varsity Soccer. To Raashmi Ramachandra I bequeath member-filled VB meetings. To Anusha Kothari I bequeath an amazing Silsilay, and to Anushka Kelkar, Esha Dasari, and Farhaan Khan I bequeath paranoia and samosa emcee meetings. Finally, to Alaap Rag, I bequeath a fun, lynrat-free high school experience.

I, Sofia Ermakova, bequeath my calculator and math skills to Ananya Bharadwaj, an anti-Karen spray to my Cicero’s girls, and my annoying personality to Mr. Wright. Good luck to the future classes of LHS!

I, Soomin Hong, bequeath Korean Club unity and spirit to the new officers, a cool quad to the underclassmen, a joyful and stress-free next senior year to my younger brother Kevin Hong, and my love for P.E. to June Kim.

I, Soumya Adusumilli, bequeath my amazing math skills to Lakshmi, bossy yet determined business attitude to Bhagya and Nevin, sassy tea sessions to Michael, my hate for all people to Krishna, gummy bears and serrated knives with two-ends to Pranay, awkward yet sweet hi's to Jimmy, my non-existent flexibility skills to Sarah and Ria, a fulfilling and tremendously shining senior year to Ellie, lots of love to Suanna and Sophiya, and luck to my lovely stars on lhs taara!

I, Stephanie Park, bequeath no more stressful yearbook deadlines to Elwing Gao and Vijaya Vegesna, my physics knowledge to Bryant Huang, and a fun-filled year at Lynbrook to my Link Crew group.

I, Stephen Yang, bequeath my former Class Vice President position to Alex; good chess skills to Justin and David Heydinger; my poor speaking skills to Kanav, Bennie, Ian, and Abhinav; an undisbanded Lynbrook Red Cross Club to Evan; good cooking skills to Alden; my ticket to Columbia to Allen; my vast physics knowledge to Richard; a hot rich German boyfriend to Ingrid; a restraining order to Ethan Lee; and a ticket to Winter Formal to Alex Tai.

I, Stephen Tao, bequeath my pit parent responsibilities and fatherly aura to Heidi Lin (and the future section leader), advice about anything to Yixuan Wong, aggressive hugs to Alex Tung, annoying questions to Timothy Cho, my physics struggles to Adhvik Kannan, my fleeting chops to the front ensemble, improv skills to the Green Team (Best Team), and my math knowledge to my sister Ella.

I, Stephen Zhong, bequeath a plumptious caboose to Isaac, social skills to Lydian, a few inches of height to Jimmy, muscles to William, artistic talent to Jodi, Appler’s keys to Amay, three point shooting to Derrick, and antiperspirant deodorant to Tyrone.

I, Sunny Guan, bequeath good professors, functioning WiFi (or xfinitywifi), and an EC-filled senior year to Sophie, stress-free college apps and 1 million YouTube subs to Vivek, first place at BOA to LHSMB, 1600/4.0's to Lynbrook students, and everything else (terms and conditions apply) to Cynthia.


I, Tanvi Krishnan, bequeath a somewhat manageable Sousa section to Bennett, Yusuke, Jin, and Jenner, a fun chem-free senior year to Amy Zuo, a great marching season to Catherine and Madison, and senioritis to Laasya Chukka.

I, Teresa Wang, bequeath my ability to somehow pass all my classes and curse of being totally irrelevant at school to my little demon child sister Kristy Wang.

I, Tharunkumar Sivakumar, bequeath nights of studying and prepping for all sorts of tests and assignments, and an exciting and unpredictable high school career, to all the incoming freshmen.

I, Tim Zou, bequeath a petition to remove the club review system to Vijaya Kukutla, a bottle filled with disappointment to Ryan Jia, and a salty breakdance club disbandment to Samuel Li and Andrew Chang.

I, Timothy Liu, bequeath four wonderful years of high school to my little bro Gabriel Liu.

I, Trisha Sengupta, bequeath speedy Amazon deliveries and slightly salty ice cream to Aaron Shi, backbreaking hugs to Esha Dasari, Peppa Pig stickers to Serena Kher, the reminders app to Alaap Rag, 2020 CCS Championships to Lucas Lin, lane eight to Jessica Fowler and Lia Seo, and the title of Dragonlord to Mr Isaac Pallone.

I, Twisha Sundararajan, bequeath my love for singing to Saachi, bug-free code to Anisha C, Viking Vocalists to Navya and Stephanie, all the sleep I didn’t get to Pranay, my license to Naman, my lOvE for AP Physics to Michael and Isha, Speech and Debate office to Shreya, and endless love and success to my Dolci girls, Riya H, Alaap and everyone else who made these past few years so great :).

I, Tyler Bowersox, bequeath a free, fun-filled high school experience to my little sister Meghin Bowersox, class of 2023. I hope these last years of childhood are the best!


I, Valerie Cheng, bequeath freshmen guards chance to get good uniforms, my sad 4 years of Japanese to Kitchen Sensei, Pewdiepie memes to Kento, my useless Japanese skills to the 3 AP Japanese sophomores, and my luscious hair to Mr. P.

I, Vincent Peng, bequeath a happy pace and lets go babyyy to Ethan C. Lin, multiple layers of pants to Rohit Malhotra, rotten loquats to Espio, girlfriend(s) to Theo Lai, blistie protection to Aryan Shah, Crow to Sanjay Naidu, Rogaine to Derek Han, good music to Srushti Patil, purple giraffes to Gaby, my deepest apologies to Luca Signore (for leaving him with the aforementioned), uhk to Ceci Sun, and my love for running to the entirety of Lynbrook Cross Country.


I, Wei Chong, bequeath my smash legacy to Smash Bros Club specifically my leadership to Andrew Tu and Tzen-Chuen Ng, my smash skills to Darian Liu, Vamsi Mannava, and Aditya Manikonda, my drama mentorship to Ingrid Lee and Aryan Shah along with future successful drama productions, my photography abilities to Arhan Mulay, and a stress free high school life for my sister, Janice Chong.

I, Wesley Sun, bequeath a stress-free junior year to Ceci, my smile to Roberto, my pants to Theodore, my English music to Robdog, my depression to Maxcat, my Rubik's Cube to Roy, my COC Royale account to the Goblin, my hair ties to Srushti, a good day to Straight A, a razor to Siggy, and good luck to the Lynbrook Men's Water Polo team.


I, Yash Godiwala, bequeath my DECA success and confidence to Jasmine Hou, my hope that you use the notes you spend 2 hours on to Evan Liu, my sense of relaxation (be sure to slow down frequently and stop yourself from getting burnt out) to Amory Gao, support (I always got your back. Just call) to Neil Kanagala, and lastly, the honorary bool member status to Sophia Wu, take care of Rat and keep The Zoo's legacy going.


I , Zaal Engineer, bequeath my strength skills to all Lynbrook sports teams so they can continue to fight every game day.

I, Zahra Batlivala, bequeath an amazing year filled with fire performances to the LHS Jalwa family.

I, Zainab Nasir, bequeath a rat-free environment to Lindsey Lu, Michael Ma, and Amory Gao, memorable times and countless goals to Jocelyn Chow, Natalie Homstad and the rest of the field hockey team, creative designs and deep talks to Amy Sun, the title of class troublemaker to Ivilyn Tan and Amritraj Binuraj, discovery of passions and true friends to Alaap Rag, unbearable laughter and fun to Esha Dasari and Sanjana Gadaginmath, and a rewarding, fun-filled years at Lynbrook to Antara Mallick and my little brother, Mufaddal Nasir <3.

Created By
Ashley Song, Aileen Xue, Nicole Ong, Enzo Cabaltica, and Diana Xu