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Table of Contents
  1. A Message From Executive Director, Dr. Patrice S. Johnson
  2. The New Hope House
  3. Impact and Investment Opportunities
  4. It's More Than A Donation

A Message from Executive Director, Dr. Patrice S. Johnson

Dear Friends,

The time is finally here. After a year-long journey, we see the fulfillment of a vision to inspire and cultivate the next generation of women leaders.

With the creation of a 21st Century Urban Boarding Home in the heart of Detroit, girls of color now have a safe space to call home, dream, and develop into the future world-changers we need. This vision is in agreement with what former first lady Michelle Obama said when she noted that “every girl, no matter where she lives, deserves the opportunity to develop the promise inside of her.” That is our mission, to ensure that residential scholars have the opportunity to step into an atmosphere of hope that transforms their lives and challenges the systemic barriers they face.

I invite you to celebrate this moment with us and implore you to invest in the emerging leadership of girls of color.

The New Hope House

Women and girls across the globe are still experiencing unequal and unfair conditions compared to men and boys. Women are paid less than men for work of equal value. There are 15 million girls worldwide who are not attending school compared to just 10 million boys. Furthermore, in a report by the Obama Administration, Girls of Color, experience disproportionately higher rates of school suspensions. Suspensions for Black girls are at 12% higher than white boys (6%) and girls of any other race or ethnicity. The Obama Administration called for the advancement of gender equity through the promotion of safe, inclusive, positive learning environments and integrating trauma-sensitive programmatic efforts.

Boys Hope Girls Hope Detroit has answered this call by evolving its residential care setting to a 21st Century Urban Boarding Program that will encompass an optimal learning and social environment where young girls will have the opportunity to enhance their self-esteem, motivation, and their ability to develop the skills needed for a successful life. Our Hope Scholars will be engaged in self-directed and cooperative learning activities and will be housed in a physical environment that is shaped to support those efforts. The Hope House is located in the Green Acres neighborhood in the city of Detroit. The home was built in 1936, is a single family home, with approximately 3,693 square feet.

Girls Hope House Re-envisioned

We are thrilled about these cosmetic changes, which are important, however, the transformational social equity development programming is critically needed. We have re-imagined the needs of a new generation of female leaders and have identified programmatic elements to support their growth. This model will be one of the first of its kind in our country. Moving beyond traditional residential treatment services the programming will be circularly centered around the unique needs of Girls of Color with a pragmatic focus on educational amplification and advancement, social and economic mobility and breakthrough health and wellness programming. Daily programming includes:

  • Financial Literacy, including Home Economics
  • Physical Health and Dietary Nutrition Meals, Classes and Clinics
  • A Spiritual Wellness Space and Art Therapy Sessions
  • Yoga, Mediation, Dance and Fitness Programming
  • An Advanced Literature Club, with a traditional library installation and digital library

Impact and Investment Opportunities

It's More Than A Donation

It's hope for our future and an investment in our scholars. Your investment empowers the hope of ambitious youth. By giving, you help our scholars break the cycle of poverty and enrich the lives of their families, workplaces, and communities.

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