Up and Running on the Admin Console Rick Borstein | Solutions Consulting Manager | Adobe Systems Incorporated

Go to Adobe.com and log-in. You'll see entry points for all of your individual and management functions.

Claim a Domain if desired

Allows you to use Enterprise ID and better control log-ins.

Review Product Configurations

Allows you to customize the name and services associated with products.

Create Groups

A group is set of "like" users such as a Class or Faculty

Assign Product Configration to Groups

Every group member then has access to the products and services

Upload User List

Upload a CSV file which contains user emails and assigns them to a User Group

Installing the Software

How will users get desktop software? What about labs?

Enabling Self-Service

Self-Service for Admin Users is easy! Simply direct users to download the Creative Cloud Application to start installing on their own.

Self-Service for Non-Admin users. Create a Creative Cloud Application installer package with Elevated Privileges enabled. Deploy the package to your end-users and they can install the software on their own.

After logging into the Creative Cloud app, Admin and Non-Admin users can install and update Creative Cloud software on their own.

Traditional Deployment

Easily Create Installer Packages on the Admin Console: In this workflow, IT creates a package and installs it onto desktop computers. You can build ready-to-install packages for either Mac or Windows on the Admin Console.

Want to control updates? No problem. You can turn off updates when building a package.

On-going Maintenance

Remove access to software

  1. Go to the Users Management tab
  2. Choose Groups then located the Group you wish to edit
  3. Click on the Configurations tab
  4. Remove the Product Configuration from the group

All users in the group lose access to the software, but users will retain their accounts

Removing Users and their access to software

  1. Export your user list (Help for this)
  2. Open the user list in a spreadsheet
  3. Sort the user list by User Group
  4. Delete any rows not associated to the User Group users you wish to delete
  5. Export the list as CSV
  6. Go the Users tab in the Admin Console and choose Bulk Remove Users
  7. Upload your edited CSV file
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