Loup Garou and the magic palm tree By Charlie

Once upon a time, there was no food in the land. Loup Garou and his wife were starving.

One dim stormy night, Loup Garou was walking through the forest and bumped into a tree.

"What a tiny little tree!" Loup exclaimed.

"Don't call me tiny little tree," replied the tree. "How should I call you?" asked Loup.

"Call me Do Jim ti pi zi!" said the tree.

So with a booming voice he said the magic words and the tree dropped lots of food. Loup Garou ate until his belly was full because he was hungry.

On the next day, his wife was still starving but Loup kept his secret. However, La Diablesse soon noticed that her husband was becoming chubby so one day she decided to follow him. She saw everything. When Loup left, she wasted no time. She went over to the tree, ate some food and watered the tree.

The following day, Loup Garou revisited the tree and said the magic words yet nothing happened. He screamed the magic words over and over again but the tree remained still.

He stomped around the forest until she tripped over a coconut. "What a tiny little coconut!" Loup exclaimed.

"Don't call me tiny little coconut," replied the coconut.

"How should I call you?" asked Loup.

"Call me Do ji ti pi zee!" said the coconut.

So with a loud voice he said the magic words and the coconut poured milk all over Loup. La Diablesse laughed until her belly hurt.

Jack Mandora mi no choose none!


Created with images by Magnus BrĂ¥th - "Palm trees and sunset"

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