Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by: matt Tortorella

Nature on Display

One of the exhibits that I found appealing was the beach habitat. I went towards the exhibit when I noticed it from a distance because I have a love for the water and the beach. I liked the exhibit a lot because of how realistic the beach seemed. The sand was real and even felt warm as though a hot sun had been shining on it all day. The exhibit also smelled like the beach, a mix of fresh air and salt water. In addition, I learned all about how many animals actually live in beach-like habitats and I think if you were not at the exhibit in person you would not capture all that it depicts. Being at the museum was enjoyable because you are able to see realistic replications of nature from all around the world while just walking around in a circle.

Nature and Ethics

This exhibit spoke a lot to me about conservation and using the environment wisely. The exhibit depicts a Native American community on a river, and it looks like there is a mutual relationship between the people and the environment in which they call home. The community seems to be built into the environment not over it. This exhibit made me feel like we are taking advantage of the environment and not giving some and taking some like we should be. I now feel more of an ethical responsibility to help do my part in preserving the environment because it was here before us and if it goes so do we. The Museum enabled many people to have this reaction by having open exhibits that submerse you in its environment and feel like you were actually there.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit showed me the power of nature and helped me further appreciate it. The exhibit consisted of a variety of shark mouths and how they have changed over time. The mouths have changed in size, number of teeth, and structure and this goes to show that everything in nature evolves and changes. This made me take a step back and look at how much humans have changed over time and how far we have come in our history and how much father we still have to go. It also made me acknowledge that we are another part of nature and that we are not above nature and that we cannot control it, but must adapt to it.


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