Pit bulls and there family's! By Richard lyon jr.

The growth of the pitbull dogs and the puppies have gotten bigger in the USA. Back in the day most of the pits was made out to fight. So everyone was scared to get them. Pit bulls was put out to be one of the most dangerous dogs alive. Bitting people, attacking animals and just destroying the name pitbull.

Then you got people as dumb as Micheal Vick ,DMX and mine more fight these dog. If they won there fights they would make them fight again. If they lost the fight they would kill them and put them in holes in there back yard. That's to say that they didn't die in the fight.

Micheal Vick and DMX
The fight.

This dogs have been aboused for 20,30 or even more years. These people made bad names of the pitbull name. But on good news to the name pitbull we have tons of celebrities have pitbull now. Here are a few.

This has been the few years of the pitbull name. Other then celebrity's tons of people around the world has come to look the pit bulls as family dogs. They truly are mans best friend. I for one have one. If you go to 10 houses 6 would have them. So the breed has come a long way for the fighting days. But I will say this a dog is a good dog if you train them right. They come in all sizes, American, Blue, Brindle and gator. They are in mine clubs now. Full back grounds and so much more. Here are some pictures of these greatest dogs in the world.

Thank you for reading this pitbull story. I know it's now much be you get the idea. In close take care of your animals they will take care of you.

Created By
Richard Lyon Jr

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