Transcendent Reaching past what is

As an artist, I have always sought to transcend what is. I look past the world we all know, I empty my mind of what would be and should not be and see existence with alien eyes.

Watching the world in the third person, I see commonality. Joy, pain, love, hate, charity and avarice all a reflection of the duality of humankind of which no one is immune.

Right and Wrong all end up being a matter of perception explaining the fierce battles for group consensus to override the insecurities caused by the unknown thus whatever is agreement is called right.

Transcend the pattern to see the truth. The consensus is one answer, not the only answer.

In the end, we are all mortals our time is finite. What is remembered in history are great acts of creation and great acts of destruction.

Every day I follow the path of creation as I know my mortal destruction is inevitable. My art and writings are my monuments to my existence and my transcendence to time and mortality

In my journey I have gained a small amount of wisdom I will share. When I sought to transcend time and mortality by creating a legacy I found peace I never knew existed.


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Created By
Mark Humes


all artwork and verse created by Mark Humes

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