Frindle By:Andrew Clements project by:Ronin Ezekiel frindle in the backround.

Nick Allen: Nick is a boy with glasses and red hair in fifth grade who creates the word frindle.
Janet Fisk : Janet is Nick's friend who helps him create the word frindle.
Ms. Granger is nicks teacher : and she thinks Nick's word was a bad idea.


Nick Allen is walking with his friend Janet Janet falls and her pen hits the street.Then nick calls that pen a frindle and gets famous for it. 10 years later Mrs. granger writes him a note and nick donates 1,000 dollars to his old school, westfield elementary.

Mr. Allen: He is Nick's dad and he works at the hardware store. He liked the word but thought it brought to much attention to his family.
Mrs. Allen: She is Nicks mom she agrees with mr. Allen that the word brings to much attention to their family.


This book takes places at nicks house, on a curb, and at nicks school.

Bud Lawrence : Bud signs a contract with Mr. Allen to advertise nick's word.
Nick's principal Ms. chatham: Ms. chatham goes to Nick's house to discuss nicks word with Nick's family.


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