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Backround Information

The Industrial revolution was a time of innovation and new ideas technology was built to improve people's lives.Around the time of the American Revolution people in England started to use machines to do work that would usually had to be done handmade. This spread to the United States man made machines were made to complete work tasks and the factory system was born along with many other useful innovations. Rapid Industrial development has been a blessing to America because it gave immigrants and women more opportunity in the workforce, new technology was invented and labor unions were formed to protect workers rights.

Lowell mills

New job opportunities for Women and Immigrants

The Industrial revolution gave more opportunities to women and immigrants who wanted jobs. Many farm families sons went of to the west in search of higher opportunity and the families daughters who were left behind could work on mills, getting income for there families."ready female labor supply of prospective "mill girls" was waiting to be tapped. Industrial employment in places like Lowell offered many benefits. It allowed rural New England females to earn wages, send money back to their families, and help maintain the family farm". These " mill girls" could now work for an income and support their families by working on Lowell mills. Many immigrants who were coming from suffering countries like Ireland during the potatoe famine could find work in the west industrial areas working as miners, factory workers, or construction workers and with hard work and determination they could work up the ladder and be promoted.

Merging of AFL and CIO

Labor Unions

In a time when men women and children could work in dangerous factories for long amounts of time and minimal breaks and barley any pay a system was needed to regulate working conditions and wages. Labor unions are an association of workers who want to protect workers rights and to get better working conditions for their company or industry these unions could form because the workers aren't happy with the working conditions being unfair or unbalanced, maybe they aren't being compensated properly for their work, or the hours/workload is to much to handle "Muckrakers heightened public awareness of the abuses of big business and indirectly fostered support for workers' demands". The first labor unions were called craft unions or trade unions they were made up of skilled workers like blacksmiths and carpenters they negotiatied with their employers for better working conditions and reasonable wages the most important event at this time was the merging of AFL(American federation of labor ) and the CIO(Congress of Industrialized Orginizations) the AFL-CIO this would be the largest labor organization to date ."During the 20th century, labor unions gained unprecedented power in the business and political spheres. They helped improve the lot of most working Americans and raise the standard of living for all". The labor unions helped to protect the workers rights and sought to make the work place fair for everyone.

Market Revolution

New Inventions

There were many amazing inventions and innovations that sparked during the industrial revolution that would change the way Americans think of technology forever. The telegraph was a device that could send signals across connected wires in the form of code this device would allow people to send messages instantaneously instead of sending a letter to them that could take days. Possibly the most controversial invention I the industrial revoution would be the cotton gin it was mostly used in the south to harvest the seeds from cotton so they could be sold but the south heavily relied upon slave labor for their work but cotton soon became the main crop in the south thanks to the cottons success and in no time America had 3/4 of the worlds cotton."However, the cotton gin changed this, for it allowed cotton fibers and seeds to be separated at a rate of 50 pounds per day. This revolutionary device was a success, and within a decade of its invention, cotton had become the primary crop of the South,". Aside from the cotton gin and the telegraph the steam engine was developed which led to the locomotive and train tracks used to transport goods faster.These inventions truly improved the lives of Americans and their concepts would go on to create even more advanced technology in the future.

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