What Is Population Growth

Population growth is the problem the world is facing currently with the ever growing population of the world

Population growth is a challenge present in both our slums and our higher end urban areas

However, populations in developing countries are growing far more rapidly than those of developed countries

The Positives of Population Growth:

  • Population growth can benefit the economy when handled correctly

Population growth can provide:

  • A stronger domestic market
  • More workers
  • More innovators
  • Attract investors and multinational companies

Overpopulation causes global challenges such as pollution

Air Pollution:

  • Air pollution is caused mainly from transportation and manufacturing
  • Dense highly populated cities such as Beijing and Los Angeles struggle with air pollution because of the large amount of transportation being used in the area and the manufacturing around the area to supply the metropolis
  • Developing dense cities struggle with air pollution more due to the lack of environmental regulations
  • Cities today like Singapore are making successful efforts at change by lowering the amount of cars on the road promoting using public transportation or other environmentally mindful modes of transportation

Climate Change:

  • Global warming is caused by the greenhouse gases humans produce
  • The U.S produces the most greenhouse gases out of any country in the world
  • The large amount of greenhouse gas production is from burning fossil fuels to provide energy and manufacturing and cutting down trees to use as resources and to provide more land for people
  • Global warming causes a rise in sea levels, disrupts agriculture, and droughts like the one we are facing in California today

Depletion of natural resources

Using Up Resources

  • There is a definite amount of every resource naturally provided by the earth, and without reproducing it we will run out of certain resources eventually
  • 80% of the world's forests have been cut down, a resource we use and rely on heavily
  • The more people there are, the higher demand for resources
  • As time goes on, the world will demand more resources to be supplied with less land left

Renewable Energy

  • Renewable energy is energy that is naturally replenished
  • Forms of common renewable energy today are solar power, wind power, hydropower, geothermal energy, and bio energy
  • New forms of renewable energy are being developed everyday

High Cost of Living

  • In many highly populated cities, there is not much land left to develop housing, which raises the price of land already being used for housing
  • Many developed and developing cities such as the Bay Area have very good job markets which attracts people to the area and subsequently raises the cost of living

Food Supply and Production

Food Supply:

  • Rapid growing populations require more people to feed
  • Problem mostly affects developing cities with high populations
  • With the projection that the world will exceed 9 billion people by 2050, the food production of the world will need to rise 70% from where it is currently to supply 9 billion people
  • 1/4th of the food we eat in the U.S is available through international trade
  • With international food trade on the rise, the number of countries that depend on food trade for their food supply is also on the rise
  • This dependability creates more instability in food supply around the world, as countries can be affected by the same consequences of countries that are going through food challenges

Population growth in India

How Big Is India?

  • India has a population of about 1.25 billion as of 2013
  • India is 1/3 the size of the U.S but has 4 times more people
  • India is projected to take over as the most populous country in the world in 2025

Why Is India So Big?

  • Many families in poverty believe that the more children they have the more income their family will receive
  • An improving birth rate
  • Poor birth control
  • One of the oldest countries in the world; people have been settled in India for a long time

Effects of Overpopulation

Inadequate Infastructure

  • India's large population strains its infastructure system
  • Indian infrastructure is outdated and needs a major revamp
  • There are 65 million Indians living in the slums of cities
  • The rapidly growing population makes it hard for the development of housing to keep up, especially when much of the growing population is in the slums and can't afford housing

Depletion of Natural Resources

  • India's large population has depleted its natural resources
  • India has to rely on imports of energy sources, like coal, to meet its national energy requirements


  • Delhi this november became the most polluted city in the world
  • The air quality index (AQI) of Delhi in November 2016 was 999
  • On the AQI chart, 500 is considered hazardous
  • The pollution in Delhi can be attributed to its very largely populated area, the sixth largest metropolis in the world
  • The large population overuses its already scarce resources which puts pressure on the environment
  • Road dust and vehicles travelling on the road cause pollution
  • Lots of manufacturing goes on in the Delhi metropolis
Smog covered Delhi

The Future of Overpopulation in India

  • India is projected to hit 1.65 million people in 2050
  • For the entire population to have electricity in 2030, India will have to increase it's primary energy supply by four times its current levels and electricity generation by six times its current levels
  • India's economy is prospering, and India had the highest GDP growth rate of 2015 with 7.3%, and currently holding the third largest GDP in the world
  • India is an emerging world superpower currently
  • If India utilizes their population correctly and solves some of the problems overpopulation has brought to India, India will become a world superpower
"Overpopulation is a problem people try to ignore. But ignoring it won’t make it go away. If India and other high-growth countries stay the course, that reality will become painfully obvious."

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