Active: Subject is the doer(no verb phrase) EX:1 The child opened the present.2 He pet the dog.

Passive: Subject is the receiver(has verb phrase)EX:1 Children were being crazy on christmas .2 The presents were being opened by the child.

Progressive tense:consist of certain auxiliary verb be and the present participle of the main verb.

(Be+present participle)

Ex:1 (past)John was eating cake.2 (present)Brendan is doing his homework.3 (future)I will be playing football.

Forms of Be:Am, Is, Are, Was, Were, Will be

Perfect tense:consist of a form of the auxiliary verb have and the past participle of the main verb.

(Have+ Past Participle)

EX:1 (Present) I have played basketball with Zach.2 (past) I had had a snack before playing football. 3 (Future) I will have finished studying by dinner.

Forms of Have:Have, Had, Has, Will have

Indicative Moods is the form of a verb that is used to state a fact or ask a question.

(States a fact) (ask a question)

EX: 1.We are going camping.2. We are going home.3 Mom is not coming.

Imperative:is the form of a verb that is used to give commands.


EX: 1 Eat your food. 2 Do your homework.3 Flush the toilet.

Emphatic: is the form of a verb that gives special force to a simple present or past tense verb. For the present tense use do or does before the base form of the verb. FOr the past tense, use did before the base form of the verb. Do not confused this with do, does, and did used as auxiliary verbs in questions or negative sentences.


EX:1 I do like how you think.2why do we think it will help. 3This does kinda hurt.


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