What industries use eLearning?

Various different industries use eLearning to train their team members effectively.

Training in any sector is not a one-time event, making eLearning the best option for training.

eLearning is a great resource for;

  • Training your team members efficiently by targeting specific skills
  • Training your global workforce consistently no matter which location they work in
  • Saving time by enabling team members to carry on with activities to stay on track
  • Reducing training costs
  • Delivering, tracking and evaluating the learner progress

It can also be;

  • Updated easily
  • Split into microlearning courses to help support performance
  • Accessed at any time
The different industries may use eLearning in varying ways, but overall it is an extremely effective way of ensuring that a consistent training message is given to all team members that supports your organisations visions and values.

The Retail Industry

The Retail industry is one of the largest industry sectors.

The training needs of such a diverse workforce are vast. Lots of retail employees deal directly with customers; so it is very important that they receive adequate training on how to provide great customer service.

The retail sector is notorious for its high employee turnover rate. Which makes it very challenging to have well-trained customer-facing team members available at all times.

eLearning is great way for passing down information on new products, sales tactics, marketing ploys and other important knowledge.

The Financal Industry

Training for the financial industry is one of the most important measures a financial services company can take to prevent compliance problems.

Continued learning for team members is crucial. There is a continuous need to train your team members on new processes, financial instruments, technologies process, software, financial instruments and changes to rules and regulations.

eLearning is is great training method as many financial industries have a large workforce spread across multiple offices and even multiple countries.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing, as new drugs come on to the market.

This means it is extremely important and necessary for training on the features of the new products to be taken.

eLearning means this can be done easily and effectively, without disrupting team members work, as the courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

eLearning courses can be updated very easily and rapidly, reducing the time-gap between the launch of the medicine and training of team members.

The Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a major and important industry and is highly regulated.

Training team members can be more effective using eLearning as it can include interactive scenarios, case studies and software simulations.

Scenarios give the learners an opportunity to engage and learn from their mistakes while case studies explain the consequence of not complying with laws and software simulations give the learner a chance to 'try out' machinery in a safe and controlled manner.

These organisations also need to train their employees on various aspects such as the code of conduct, anti-bribery policies, information security, safety and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Which ever industry you are in eLearning has its place and provides a valuable and effective training solution.

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