Small minor objects in the solar system Mallory, xiomara, sherman

Meteors are a streak of light in the sky. Meteors burn as it enters the atmosphere. It burns up because of friction with gasses in the atmosphere.Then, once it impacts the ground it becomes a meteorite.They are also known as ¨shooting¨ or ¨falling¨ stars. About 3,000 metric tons fall to the Earth as dust per day.

Asteroids are know as rocky and metallic objects that orbits the sun.They are too small to be planets so there for they are known as asteroids.Most are in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.Ceres was known as an asteroid then was classified as a dwarf planet.

Meteorites are meteors that have made impact with the surface of Earth.They are too small to be planets even though they orbit the sun.

Comets are irregular shaped bodies made of solid grains of matter and frozen gasses. Sometimes it is known as a dirty snowball.

Meteoroids are a piece of stony or metallic material traveling in outer space. They are smaller then asteroids and travel around the sun in orbits.


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