Jewish Holocaust Reflections Montserrat Arguello

I've been learning about the holocaust since a young age in school. It is because of this that I have quite a bit of knowledge on the holocaust. My understanding of the holocaust didn't necessarily change because of this assignment, but it did grow. I heard new testimonies from survivors and learned more tragic stories from people who, unfortunately, didn't survive.

Did the Jews know their living situation was going to get so bad as soon as Hitler came to power?

I read many articles regarding this topic and surprisingly, the answer is no. Many survivors have spoken out about how they never thought Hitler was possible of brainwashing a nation. One survivor recalled a conversation he had with a colleague: "“Do you think these agitators will ever get far?” Murphy asked his colleague.

“Of course not!” Drey replied. “The German people are much too intelligent to be taken in by such scamps.”"

The following pictures depict some of the earliest attacks on Jews before things got really bad.

Jewish business that was vandalized with graffiti
A synagogue that was lit on fire

Every single person in the Holocaust was extremely courageous but I decided to highlight Anne Frank. I think everyone's heard of Anne Frank's diary and that is so touching. It took a lot of strength to catalogue her day to day life, and I'm glad she did. She lived in hiding but ultimately was found by the nazis and was sent to a termination camp. I chose to highlight her because her story has touched millions of people.

The room where Anne Frank hid

This is a picture of Syrian refugees. There is a war going on in Syria right now and radical Islamic terrorists are persecuting innocent people for their religion. This situation is extremely similar to the holocaust because the Jews were peresecuted for their religion. Syrians are fleeing their country to escape said persecution, just as many Jews did when Hitler began persecuting Jews.

A Syrian child

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