Exhibition Journal

Due to the current travel restrictions and other reasons, many people could not participate in my individual exhibition Alone; Not Alone. For them, I created this page in order to share the selection of work and the idea behind the event. Enjoy!

The photographs below were introduced for the first time during the exhibition, printed in large format.

Model: Mikako Makeup: Nguyen Ngoc Phuc IG: @artsy_p1995

Alone;Not Alone attempts at depicting moments of inspiration and nostalgia. When we are all by ourselves, the cumulative voice of our emotions, memories, and beliefs speaks out loudly in our minds. We could either, as we often do, distract ourselves and silence that voice, or we could listen to that voice and allow it to inspire us.

Model: Tyler Toic IG: @tyler_toic

Inspired souls are never alone.

Model: Sayaka Oe IG: @sayaita7
Model: Maiko Obuchi IG: @maiko__dance


Model: Yuri Noda IG:@yuri0120_ Yukata: Handmade by Yuri's mother


The next photograph was printed on F0 canvas. It looks like a painting so it deserved a painting-like treatment!

Model: Sayaka Oe IG: @sayaita7

The photographs below have been published on my Instagram before and were exhibited in medium print.

Left: Sonam Choden IG: @gummysonam1796 """"" Right: Sophie Aminu IG: @sophieaminu
Left: Jorge Herrera IG: @jorselherrera""""" Right: Nao Kakuya IG:@nao_kakuya
Model: Yoyo L IG: @yoyooo_yang
Model: Yuri Noda IG:@yuri0120_
Me with my works by Sayaka Oe.

Thank you all for joining this virtual tour. I will definitely organize more exhibitions soon, so please follow me on Instagram to stay updated!


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