Photo Compostition By: Cecilia Arredondo

Repetition of patterns: We have boards in the gym for each sport and they have the years that we have won. All the boards are a repetition.

Rule of thirds: Kaley is more towards the left rather than being center. If there was a grid in the picture you could see that she isn't center.

Perspective (worms eye): In this picture the camera is facing more upwards. I am taking the picture from a lower level looking upwards.

Framing: the door is the outline of Presley, your focus point should be Presley.

Selective Focus: Presley's face is focused compared to the rest of the picture.

Leading Lines: there are lines going horizontal all across the bleachers.

Perspective (birds eye): The photo is taken from a higher level facing downwards.

Center of Interest: The blue jay is the focus point and the center of the picture.

Fill The Frame: Lloyal's face takes up the majority of the picture and his face is more focused than the background.


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