Winds By Audrey Saxton

Global Winds

Global winds are the steady patterns of winds. They are found at 30-60 latitudes? They cause changes in weather.

Global Convection Currents

They are rising and falling air that cause changes in weather and happen globally. They are found around the equator.

Coriolanus Effect

These are air masses that redirect winds. They are found in the Nothern Hempisphere

Global Wind Belts

Winds that move all over the world constantly.


The area of the equator with no wind.

Horse Latitudes

The area of 30 degrees North and South where there was so little wind that they would throw horses overboard.

Trade Winds

They are found 30 degrees North and South of the equator. They were historically used for training soldiers.

Prevailing Westerlies

They are winds that are found between 30-60 degrees latitude. They go from West to East

Polar Easterlies

They are winds that are found at the poles. They go from East to West

Jet Streams

They are found at 10 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. They are fast moving air currents


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