This is me Paola Mejia

Cultural Identity

Cultural Identity connects with their ethnicity or heritage also with things than can impact your life like religion, music, art, and food.

Which ethnicity do i identify with

I am a Mexican that comes from a European & Indian descent which are called Mestizo.



Bernabe Mejia was a mestizo & Ventura Duran was European and they were both from Zacatecas Domingo Almaraz was a Indian & Martina Munos was Indian and they were both from Zacatecas Chon Mejia was mestizo and Juanita Almaraz was Indian and they were from Apozol, Zacatecas


Constantino Montanez was Mestizo & Natalia Medina was European and they were from Zacatecas Jose Cardenas was European in Guadalajara and Enedina Ramirez was mestizo in Zacualco, Jalisco Jaime Montanaz was Mestizo in Sipers, Jalisco & Marta Cardenas was Mestizo in Zacualco, Jalisco


Spanish has been passed through my family for years. Spanish spoken in America differs somewhat from European Spanish today because many words were borrowed from the languages of the indigenous people. I can speak spanish, it was my very first language. I can have conversations with people, but I get some words mixed up. Every time I visit Mexico, the people who live there know I'm from the United States because of the way I speak

Physical Traits

Mom's side - Light skin, Brown Hair, Green/Brown Eyes, Small eyes, small bump on the nose, and freckles.

Dad's side - Dark skin, Brown Hair, Brown/Honey Eyes, Big eyes, big nose, lack of eyebrow hairs, and a mole that has been passed down.



Chilaquiles (tortilla cut into small triangles covered in red sauce with diced onion & fresh cheese)
Huevos Rancheros ( egg with red hot sauce with a side of smashed beans )
Menudo ( Beef tripe with corn & hand made tortillas.. usually served after a night of drinking because it's known to help hangovers)


Torta Ahogada ( a salsa drowned sandwich invented in Guadalajara)
Tacos ( Tortillas with the option of asada, pollo, cabeza, lengua, pastor, chorizo with toppings like onion & cilantro


Pozole is a soup that can contain chicken or pork also corn.
Birria is a spicy stew that is traditionally made from goat, but can also be made with beef. Often served at celebratory ocasions


Elote is corn on a stick with mayonaise, parmesian cheese, chile powder, and ground pepper.
Tostilocos are cueritos, cucumber, lime juice, hot sauce, chamoy, peanuts, and chips


Flan is a dessert of sweetened egg custard with a caramel topping & is almost jello like.
Churro is a a long, slender, deep-fried pastry & the best thing ever invented


Diego Rivera was a prominent Mexican painter and the husband of Frida Kahlo. His large wall works in fresco helped establish the Mexican Mural Movement in Mexican art.
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who is best known for her self-portraits. Her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form. She showed surrealism in her art by giving a significance of imagery.


Mariachi is a genre that's cultural, spiritual, and traditional that is unique to Mexico. Use of violins, guitars, basses, and trumpets. Mariachi can talk about love, betrayal, death, politics, revolutionary heroes and even animals "La Cucaracha." Mariachi was born in Jalisco, Mexico

Cumbias are from Columbia, but you hear a lot of it in Mexico. Use of drums, bass drums, gaitas, maracas

Fun Facts

My dad told me that my ancestors were from Spain and they were Arabic.
I had a Quincenera & it's Mexican tradition for when a girl has a celebration for her 15th birthday.
I've been to Guadalajara, Jalisco where my parents were raised.


The proper way to greet someone when you meet them for the first time is say your name, give a handshake, and kiss them on the cheek.

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