Meet just a few of the families who were impacted through Give Love 2017!

Amanda is the wife of an Iraq War veteran. He struggles with PTSD and has many complications with a hip replacement. Amanda cares for her husband and her children, and puts her family first.

Paige is an 18 year old college student that was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer. As she endures 30+ weeks of chemotherapy and other procedures, she keeps a positive attitude and has faith in God's plan for her.

Joel is a loving husband and father who has struggled with addiction, but has overcome that struggle for his family. He works hard to support his wife and children, and always puts them first.

Jill is a loving mother who has recently gone through a devastating divorce. She devoted her life to being a stay at home mom, but now works two jobs and long hours in order to support herself. Even while going through a tough time, she continues to show her faith and put others first.

Judy and her two children, Chandler and Lilly, recently lost their husband and father to a brain tumor. Judy is now a single mother and her children have to grow up without their father.

Justin is a husband and father who was diagnosed with cancer last year. The family struggles with medical expenses and the cost of raising two children.

Angela is a single mother of three that struggles with extreme back pain, degenerative disk disease, and fibromyalgia. She is no longer able to work, and she struggles with medical bills and providing for her family. She keeps a positive outlook and does everything she can to support her family despite her circumstances.

Sandi is a 4th grade teacher at Waynedale Elementary. Despite having a difficult year, she continues to be remarkable teacher and truly impacts the lives of her students.

Sarah is a senior in high school, and just recently faced the devastating loss of her father. She now faces tremendous obstacles as she works to finish high school and move on to college.

Angel is a mother that struggles with many health issues, including Lupus. She has encountered significant health issues with her children as well. Angel puts aside her own issues and constantly provides for her children and maintains a positive attitude.

Because of your gift, we were able to encourage almost 30 families with gift baskets full of gift cards, encouraging music and books, items or around the house and more. Thank you for being a partner of hope and making it possible for us to Give Love to hurting families in our community.


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