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The Moment of Escape

This year as a teacher, I am changing a lot about my daily routines and procedures. My schedule is changing, the way I organize my room, the supplies we are using, and even the way I teach my students (virtual and in person). I will tell you one thing that won’t change: my love for teaching. No matter what crazy schedule I need to keep up with,how many posts on google classroom, or cleaning every surface in sight, I will be enjoying every second of my interaction with kids. They are the most important thing in this world. I will do my best to keep them safe, not just physically, but in ALL ways. Art will be more important than ever this year. One of the greatest aspects from art that I have always most appreciated is "the power of escape". In the process of creation, the artist is able to forget all the worries of the world and just be in the moment. Because of this in my class, there is a reason why we have my Alexa tell us when to clean up! We are all lost in thought and process and disregard time. When I hear her voice say, “Here is your reminder, clean up the classroom”, and I hear the student's exclaim, “No! I’m not ready!” or “I don’t want to go yet”; In this I know I have done my job. I have given them a moment of escape. They need this more than ever in this changing world.

This page will be edited soon! I will add information for schedules and important information for hybrid and virtual learners!

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Created with images by Dragos Gontariu - "untitled image" • Karly Santiago - "Spray painted in a bathroom on North Shore, Honolulu"