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Summer Brings the Joy of Childhood

When my children were little, we started a tradition. Summer was especially long for me because I was at home with them all summer and I knew we needed something to look forward to on a weekly basis. We started creating summer wish lists. There were rules: it had to be something free or cheap, it had to be realistic, and it had to be mostly about making memories. Some of our ideas then: eating ice-cream at midnight, have a family sleepover in the living room, eat at a new restaurant, take a walk/run in the dark. Some ideas now: kayak down a river we've never been on, make our own frozen treats, identify stars with our telescope. Actually my son's wish was to float down every river in northwest Arkansas but we couldn't do it all in one summer. Every year, they are excited to make that list. I don't accomplish everything on it but its fun to sit around and talk about everyone's ideas. Some ideas we add every year because they were so fun. They laugh out loud thinking about our run in the dark and how I barely made it. We got home and ate fresh peaches on our ice-cream. Sometimes, they just want us to be kids with them. So, be a kid this summer!

I really can't begin to express how much I have missed the hugs from all your children! Each child brings such a special gift and point of view of the world! I have literally cried tears of joy because I have the best job in the world. It is so special to be watch the glow of joy as kids make art in my classroom. Thank you parents for all your sweet thoughts, cards, and encouragement. I'm praying that next year will bring us back together again. Sending all my love and hugs! If you ever need anything or want to share- ideas, questions, or pictures of your kids- over the summer, I always check my email: contessa.shew@g.fayar.net

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If you haven't had a chance to sign up for Artsonia yet, let me tell you all about it! It all began when my students were trying to save digital art from a project. They were frustrated with how long it took to login and save an image on their google drive from shared Ipads. I was frustrated too because I knew how important it was to not only create artwork, but to save art in a portfolio collection to share, reflect, and grow as an artist. Artsonia not only solves all of those problems, but it allows parents to access and share as well. I get so many compliments from grandparents and other family members that live far away, and are able to get instant updates of added artwork. There is also a fundraiser side of Artsonia and I am thankful to be able to have extra funds for the classroom. These funds have been a huge blessing and go 100% to our classroom supplies. For parents or guardians to login to Artsonia, you must have a special password code to link you to your child's account. I can provide that to you with a simple email! For students to login, all they need is the app downloaded on a device and the QR code below! Enjoy!

Artsonia code for Vandergriff Elementary

Feel free to contact me! Contessa Shew: contessa.shew@g.fayar.net

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Created with an image by Aleksandr Eremin - "Sunflowers field"