Gonzalez Sea Food Restaurant fOR SALE: $1.3 M HIGH Income Generating Property - Fully Furnished - Residential Property Included

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PR-102 Km 6.6 Bo Guanajibo, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, 00680

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Explore Porta del Sol - Mayagüez, PR

Porta del Sol - Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

The west coast of Puerto Rico is loved by Puertoricans and very popular among Americans from the mainland who love to surf. The west coast is a place to escape from the city, where you go to experience the feel of beach towns unexploited by mega resorts and hotels. There are two highly commercialized towns, Aguadilla and Mayagüez. Travelers wishing to walk on unbeaten paths will find a long list of places to explore.

Mayagüez is located near the geographical center of the west coast of Puerto Rico about two to three hours by automobile from San Juan. The city's terrain includes; coast plains, river valleys, marshland, hills and mountains. Mayagüez has a tropical monsoon climate. The average annual temperature is 75 °F (24 °C). Winter is usually quite dry and cool, with temperatures between 82 °F (28 °C) and 55 °F (13 °C). Summer is usually very hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 95 °F (35 °C), with heat index of up to 115 °F. From May to October, most evenings experience severe rain, due to heat, humidity and the topography of the area.

Mayagüez has a floating population due to its universities, principally the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez Campus of about 15,000-20,000 which contributes considerably to its economy. Contributions to Puertorican gastronomy have been many, and a few of these are known outside Puerto Rico. Besides being host to one of the largest concentrations of mango trees in the island, the city has been a host to various food enterprises whose products are popular in Puerto Rico:

  • Gonzalez Sea Food
  • Ricomini Bakery
  • Sangría de Fido
  • Flan-Es-Cedó' - Elmec Industries, Inc.
  • India / Medalla beer - "Cervecería India"
  • Tuna fish - StarKist, Chicken of the Sea, and Bumble Bee

Mayagüez is served by two highways linking it to other parts of the island. Puerto Rico Highway 2 existing as an arterial road is a primary route between Ponce to the south-east and Aguadilla and Arecibo to the north and north-east respectively. PR-2 is undergoing a conversion to a freeway between Ponce and Mayagüez. Another important route in Mayagüez is PR-102. It begins at an intersection with PR-2, about 2 miles north of Mayagüez Pueblo at the Mar y Sol development and runs along Mayagüez's coastal industrial areas to Joyuda, where it then turns east and terminates in Sabana Grande.

The Port of Mayagüez is the third busiest port on Puerto Rico. It was base for several years to several tuna and fish companies who made the port a considerable busy one. It is located northwest of the central business district along Puerto Rico routes 64, 341, and 3341, and stretches for 3.8 miles (6.1 km) along the coast. On March 16, 2011 a new ferry service to Dominican Republic was launched by America Cruise Ferries.

Mayagüez's airport, Eugenio María de Hostos Airport, also known as El Mani Airport, has had regular airline services for more than thirty years. Cape Air currently serves the airport with 5 daily flights to San Juan during the high season and three daily flights during the low season.

Places to Discover in Mayagüez, PR.

  • Centro Cultural Baudilio Vega Berríos (Municipal Cultural Center)
  • Casa Grande Museum
  • India Brewery
  • Plaza Colón
  • Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo
  • Parque del Litoral Israel "Shorty" Castro
  • José de Diego Park
  • Mayagüez Mall
  • Mayagüez Resort & Casino
  • Muelle Francés (French Dock)
  • Parque de los Próceres (Notable's Park)
  • Tropical Agricultural Research Station
  • Teatro Yagüez (Yagüez Theater)
  • University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (El Colegio)
  • RUM Planetarium
  • RUM General Library
panoramic view of the Caribbean sea from the terrace

Gonzalez Sea Food rESTAURANT Description

Located in Guanajibo, Mayagüez Puerto Rico, a quiet coastal fishing village in the western Puerto Rico, known for its seafood and snorkeling; a chain of fishing hamlets and mini-docks, occupies the mile-long portion of the road P.R. 102 that borders the Caribbean Sea. Gonzalez Sea Food Restaurant have been pleasing consumers with their gastronomical delicacies for more than 50 years. This “family style” fresh seafood restaurant has been welcoming locals and tourist from all around the world characterizing for their magnificent food, service and hospitality. Having a well known reputation and an average 4.5 Stars Review in the mainly Social Media Platform where more than 4,000 users follows them. Many famous local and international personalities visit this restaurant regularly, whose visits are documented in framed portraits hanging trough the Restaurant walls and at their Social Media Pages.

An average week the Restaurant attends 1,600 people (approximately), selling approximately 2150 tickets per week (evidenced). Usually the restaurant is very busy, but is in the week ends where most of the people comes and visit. By clicking on the following link, you will found the average time of wait, most concurred hours and the most slow hour in a regular week at the restaurant.

One of the most income producing segments in this restaurant has been, for many years, the rental of space and sale of food plates to groups of professionals (medical groups, CPA’s, attorneys, Chamber of Commerce, Association of Sales and Marketing Executives and others), gathering for private business, meetings or parties. The successful concept of this Restaurant has been to appeal and serve executives and full families as well with the freshest Sea Food and the Best direct Service.

After more than 50 years through the gastronomic industry in the West side of Puerto Rico, it's owner "Don Poy Gonzalez" has decided to sell the properties to enjoy retirement, wishing that the new owner continue the legacy of good service and gastronomic prestige that have characterized Gonzalez Sea Food Restaurant through its existence. It is a "One-Of-A-Kind-Safe-Investment-Opportunity. A new Owner/Administrator will enjoy a High-Sales Restaurant that was recently Awarded the "Best Sea Food Restaurant in the Caribbean" by a Food Magazine. "Everything is Yummy! at Gonzalez Sea Food." One of the main reasons for the success is that Poy, its onwer, buys FRESH seafood (Lobster, Fish, etc.) DAILY, directly from Fishermen. The Restaurant's internal atmosphere is a hommy, relaxed feeling. Sales Records are available only to discuss "in person". A CPA Firm evidences the organized HIGHLY PROFITABLE OPERATIONS of this Famous Restaurant of "High Cuisine".

History Pictures at Gonzalez Sea Food Restaurant

Building and Exteriors

The structure has used mixed construction materials. The main building is all-concrete, with some additions or expansions built in concrete and treated-wood-beams and rafters and industrial Galvalume roof covered with interior acoustic panels, and naturally, many glass windows overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Building and Exteriors

Twenty cars (approximately) can be accommodated in the main Restaurant Parking, but there are multiple common areas enabled as almost 30 to 40 additional stalls. Parking spaces are save, thanks to a permanent security guard at the premises, who not only watches your vehicle but also directs the incoming and outgoing traffic.


At the entrance you will find a Roofed hallway / receiver where customers awaits to be moved in to their tables.

Hallway / Receiver of the Restaurant

When entering into the restaurant trough the main door you intermediately grab an idea of the many customer segments to witch this restaurant appeal. Why? Because even though it looks as an open floor plan, such floor is subdivided into four sections (dining Salons), for privacy or to accommodate different groups of customers having their own segmented activities. The lower half of every subdivision is built in concrete and the upper half is all glass walls, thus allowing the staff to "see" the business movement from one section to the next. Each section has its own A/C unit

Dining Salons

The Main Dining Salon has 16 Tables with 60 chairs. Elegant lamps and sconces illuminates the surrounding. Many Vintage photos of Puerto Rico, decorates the area. A very good Wine Selection adorns a wall next to the Bar Area.

Main Dining Salon

Playa (Beach) Dining Salon, used also, as a Private Activities-Conference Room, overlooks the Caribbean Sea and has a total of 7 tables and 28 chairs. This room has a very modern / fresh vibe thanks to its decoration and modern furnishing.

Playa (Beach) Dining Salon - Private Activity or Conference Room

The Balcon (Balcony) Dining Salon overlooks the gorgeous Caribbean Sea and has 7 Tables with 16 chairs. This section is often used as a Private Activities salon, also.

Balcon (bALCONY) Dining Salon Panoramic View
Balcon (Balcony) Dining Salon

The Ponce Dining Salon has 14 tables and 42 Chairs and a small Serving Bar area. This area has two independent bathrooms (male and female); the female bathroom has a child "changing" station.

Ponce Dining Salon & Bar


The Terrace, located at the exterior side of the restaurant overlooking the Caribbean Sea, has a total of 7 tables and 28 chairs. Sunsets here are astonishing; relaxing; ideal for a Smothie, Cocktail or simply a Cup of Wine.



The restaurant has a full Bar with wine cellar and other small bar serving areas inside the Ponce Dining Salon. Even thou there is a Bar area, it is mostly used only for the staff to serve the drinks on the tables. It is not customary to seat customers at the bar; thus the "Family" Concept.

Main Bar Area
Ponce Dining Salon Serving Bar


The huge Industrial Kitchen (fully equipped) is divided in three (3) main areas and has more than seven (7) stations. Part of the inventory can be seen in the pictures. Official inventory documents can be handed if requested.

Panoramic View of the kitchen
Kitchen Areas

Other Spaces

  • Six (6) Bathrooms - 3 females – 3 males (2 in the Main Dining Room – 2 in the Ponce Dining Room and 2 for employees).
  • Private Administration Office


  • "As Is" - All Included
  • Ocean Front - Ocean View
  • A/C units in each area
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Alarm System
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Water Tank Reservoir
  • Ice Refrigerator
  • Ice Maker Machine
  • Entertainment TV - Monitors
  • Cashiers with POS system
  • Wi-Fi
  • Phone Service
  • Social Media Pages Included


There is a Residential Unit included in the sale, as well. It is an all-concrete house located just in front of the Restaurant. It consists of a balcony, living-dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and one bathroom and a carport for 2 cars, guarded by an electric garage door. The property has a fence all around its perimeter. It is located steps away from the restaurant; ideal for rest periods of the owners as well as home office or just to take a bath, change clothing and keep on going. It has been a great benefit, and Added Value to the restaurant, based on owner’s comments. This house keeps him "at ease" with the Administrative Functions; it's a "Get Away". Personal automobiles are been kept in the house, allowing more costumer parking spaces. Photos of the house are available upon request.

To know more about this amazing commercial property please visit www.bengie.com

Only qualified buyers will visit the property by appointment with Bengie Rodriguez, Broker

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