Moses Character profile Exodus 14

The story of Moses

Character Profile

How Moses heard the call of god: lightning struck then a tree lit on fire and the lord spoke to him through the burning tree.

When Moses heard the call of god: Moses heard the call of God when he was climbing a mountain to find a missing lamb. When he got to the top of the mountain and got the lamb the tree lit on fire.

How did Moses demonstrate his faith: He first killed the man that was mistreating the Israelite. He went to Egypt to save the Israelite’s and by doing so upheld his covenant with god. Moses stood up to the Pharaoh and demanded him to let his people free . He Lead the Israelite's out of Egypt.

Where he lived: Moses lived in Egypt at the time when any son that was born had to be killed. So his Mother floated him down a stream and he ended up being cared for by the Egyptians and grew up being one. When he got in trouble he travelled by camel and got taken in by a shepherd.

how did Moses uphold his covenant with the lord and free the Israelite's: Moses teamed up with his old friend airon and put plagues upon the Egyptians and did horrible things to them until they agreed to let the Israelite's free. He then led all The Israelite's away and split the red sea in two so that they could cross it and be free.

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