The Cretaceous 146 mya - 65 mya

Era, Period, and Epoch information about the cretaceous.

The Cretaceous was much warmer and more humid than today.

Very active volcanism and high rates of seafloor spreading

This was the period of the worlds greatest mass extinction.

During the Cretaceous, dinosaurs ruled the earth.

  • land was controlled by dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velocoraptors, and other predators.
  • Water was controlled by a large variety of sea creatures.

There was many dinosaurs in the sea.

there were huge sharks, huge alligators, and even ol' nessy the lochness monster's family.

The earth was a very different place back then.

The continents were still spreading apart, and the world was changing.

Snakes, lizards, and most fish developed modern characteristics that you would see today.

Predators thrived throughout the cretaceous until their world suddenly came to an end...

During the cretaceous era was the most deadly mass extinction ever on the face of the world.

An asteroid is thought to have landed off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula and wiped out about 80% of animals species.

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