Electromagnetic Spectrum -Maggie Uskoski

Radio waves: Are the electromagnetic waves with the longest wavelengths and lowers frequencies.

Things that use radio waves are: Our sun, Settle lights, and radios

Microwaves:Are the waves with the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequencies.

Things that use microwaves are: Microwaves, Cell phones, Weather forecasting, Radio, GPS, T.V.

Infrared waves: Are electromagnetic waves with WAVELENGTHS shorter than those of radio waves.

THings that use radio waves are: Remote CONTROL, Fire, humans, night vision goggles, and animals.

Visible Light Waves: Are electromagnetic waves that you can see.

THings that use Visible light waves are: 2 prisms

Ultraviolet Waves: Are ELECTROMAGNETIC waves with wavelengths just shorter than those of visible light.

THings that use ultraviolet waves are: Bug zappers

X-Rays: Are Electromagnetic waves with wavelengths just shorter than those of ultraviolet rays.

Things that use X-rays are: Toot, bone, arms

Gamma Rays:


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