How To Raise a Child Alana putman

Do you know how much it takes to take care of children?

Children are a handful, we all know. So for a knew parent its really hard because you have no clue what to do and if you are doing it right. I myself am lucky because I've been taking care of my nephews and nieces since 2014 and its 2016, about to be 2017. I also got help from my mother and sisters. One minute away from your child is a million things your child can do in that minuet.

The first thing you want to know is the maximum sleep your child should have depending on the age. Infants should get at least 10 to 18 hours of sleep, a lot right. Toddlers should get the same amount of sleep as a infant. Kids should sleep 9 to 10 hours and teens should get 9 to 9 1/2 of sleep without any interruptions.

Its very important for children to eat healthy and get all their vitamins. Your child should get their fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grain( you should try to put every vitamin in your child's meals every day, yes we understand that can be hard so we don't expect it in every meal, but we would like you to try) and a drink( anything besides soda and alcohol) sometimes a can of soda now and then.

Everyone knows every child should have a good emotional state. To have your child grow up in a good healthy emotional state is to love them, show them and act on it, like we always say actions show more than words. Take days out of chores, school, work, and etc to go and spend time with your family. Go out and go to parks, out to eat, or other stuff that would include family and fun. But don't let them think that doing whatever they want everyday. Have chores for your children and with those chores more privileges and not doing chores less privileges. Make sure your children get communication and social with other children, but not with children who will treat them badly nor teach them bad behaviors. They also have to be in a good stabled healthy environment with the parents and siblings.


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