Native American Facts you might not know By: Madison Land

Since November is Native American Heritage Month, here are some facts about the original settlers of America to learn more about this culture.

Fact #1

Native American hunters used every part of the buffalos and bison that they would kill. The bones were made into knives and arrowheads, the brains were used to process leather, and the hair was made into head-dresses, pillow stuffing, pad saddles, and was woven to make ropes. The muscles were preserved as jerky, tails became whips and brushes, fat was used as soap, and hooves were boiled down to make glue.

Fact #2

Warriors of most Plains tribes thought that being able to touch an enemy during a raid without being touched in return was a great honor. This was known as a “coup” and was regarded more highly than actually injuring the enemy or even stealing one's horse.

Fact #3

Native American young adults are twice as likely as any other ethnic group to die before the age of 24.

Fact #4

The name “Pocahontas” (meaning “the naughty one” or “spoiled child”) was a childhood nickname that referred to her frolicsome nature. In her last days, she went by Rebecca Rolfe. The marriage between John Rolfe and Pocahontas was the first recorded interracial marriage in American history.

Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons

Fact #5

Native Americans are given Indian Reservations in which the U.S. government sets aside land for them. There are approximately 326 Indian Reservations in the U.S. and more 556 federally recognized tribes.

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