The Great Depression and how it impacted families By: R.J. Carter

Dear Mom,

We have been living in a cardboard box under an overpass for a couple months now. We lost all of our money when the banks closed down. we don't have much food left and our box is a little soggy from the rain. the kids and I are starving and we haven't showered in weeks. I got laid off from my job at the bank and i had to take the kids out of school. I don't know how much longer we can live like this, but everyday I know i have to keep going to keep my kids alive. if you have any extra money please send it to me, we could die from starvation any day. Hopefully the president can fix the economy so we can go back to our normal lives and our normal jobs. I can't begin to tell you the horrors I've seen of other men, women, and children dying from starvation. the sad look of the suffering and dirty like faces brought me to tears. I am praying our family doesn't get to that point, but we aren't far from it. My oldest boy John went out east to try and find a job and better opportunities. he's been gone for 4 months and I've received no letter home. I'm trying to keep my hopes up but I'm staring to get bad thoughts and I'm starting to think something horrible has happened to him. If we don't hear from him soon I'm going to give up hope. the kids and I have given the idea of moving so thought, but since we have no transportation that will be a little difficult. we have seen some folks hoping on trains near by and going where ever it takes them. There is a railroad track near by our box, we might try and hop on a passing by train. the only thing that worries my about that is if John comes back for us and we aren't there to see him. The kids and I are going to hold out for a little bit longer but if we don't hear from him I am going to assume the worst and hop on the first train we see. hopefully it takes us somewhere with a lot of jobs and opportunity. Keep us in your prays and hope for the best for us. I hope to see you soon, I love you mom.

Sincerely, R.J.


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