7th GBIF Asian Nodes Meeting "Field Trip" Taal Volcano

MAJESTIC TAAL -- Our team (DENR-BMB) together with GBIF, ACB and the delegates coming from the different asian countries decided to end our GBIF Asian Nodes Meeting for a trekking in Taal Volcano.

Binintiang Malaki

Vicinity of Taal Lake

A calm lake and a peaceful community surrounds the majestic volcano

On our way to the trekking site, I noticed a lot of fish cages in the lake and birds flying around the vicinity.

The sky is a bit dark and cloudy so I thought the rain will fall soon but I was wrong - What a relief. We were blessed to have a fine weather making us appreciate and enjoy the field trip more.

Registration Center

Meeting with the Officer-in-Charge to guide us to view deck and down to the crater of Taal.

Our first stop.

About 3-kilometer walk going to crater

That took us about an hour and a half.

It includes taking photos and other stuff like listening to the sounds of birds, checking twigs etc.

View Deck

Refreshing view at the top of the view deck that is why some of us were busy taking photographs of the crater; and of course selfies - Hooray!

View Deck Groupie

Taal Crater Lake -- Atlast! We are on the crater; and we are not yet tired. The magnificent beauty of this creation makes this trip untiring.

An island within a lake, on an island within a lake, on an island

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