Cyberbullying Hunter tibbetts

How do Kids Cyberbully

Kids Cyberbully by Harassing,making people feel uncomfortable, and simply being mean online.

People cyberbully because they do not have enough courage to tell you to your face.

3.Just delete the profile

2.Block the user

1.Stay of the internet

A witness should go and confront the bully.

The law is $750 and/or 6 months in jail.

Interesting Facts

2.43% of kids have been bullyed online

1.The most recent place kids are getting bullyed is on there cellphone.

Digial citizenship is those who use the internet affectivley.

How to stay safe online.

1. dont give people your information

2. dont tell people your name

3. Dont take a picture of your house.

Things you can and cant

Yes: take a pic of your new shoes, dogs,cats, food.

No: names,family,lisense plate, house,drivers lisense.

How to respect peoples space don be mean an just be nice.

peoples feelings:when you be nice others it respects there feelings because you are not hurting them.

Peoples property you just keep your hands to yourself.

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