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Friedrich Engels born in Prussia November 28 1820. Born into a somewhat wealthy family who was invested in the cotton manufacture business.
Portrait of Friedrich Engels
Positioned in Manchester, England. This is where he observed and published his 1845 "The Conditions of the working class in England".
Engels famous book published in 1945
knowledgeable journalist, able to make means with publishing his own works without the help of Marx. Engels more notable and intellectual writings are not those that include Marx.
In 1844 He met up with Karl Marx in Paris where their joint work of criticism and writings would be started.
Sketch of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels meeting for the first time in Paris.
Before the Famous book written by Marx and Engels, Engels published "The Principles of Communism" in 1947, declaring that "Private Property can be abolished only when the economy is capable of producing the volumes of goods needed to satisfy everyone's requirements..."
Co-Founder of the Famous 1848 "Communist Manifesto" which included philosopher Karl Marx and the theory of Marxism. One of the founders of scientific socialism and the influencer of how socialism spread.
Book cover of "The Communist Manifesto"
Moreover, After "the communist Manifesto" Engels was later exiled to ENgland where he lived for the rest of his life. He was seen as the most prominent follower of Marxism after his death in 1883. Engels after his retirement devoted most of his life to revising Marx's volumes.
It is notable to credit Friedrich Engels as one of the founders of Materialism History and how to do a Marxist History. Likewise, Engels is one of the people who transformed how history is views by taking in social, cultural, class views.

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