Parasitic infections Malaria

What is malaria and how is it caused?

Malaria is a parasitic disease that may be life threatening. It is mainly caused by a female parasite called the anopheles mosquito. It is the only type of mosquito that can cause malaria. An infected mosquito bites a human which then transmits the parasites in the human's body. These parasitics them multiply and start to affect the human's liver and destroy the red blood cells. But the parasites can only get stronger and develop more when in a place that is very humid. When the parasite enters the bloodstream, it lays dormant in the liver. During the 5 to 16 days the parasites will be multiplying quickly using asexual reproduction.

Do you suggest any actions that should be done to prevent the disease?

Yes i do suggest that the disease should be treated, because if it is not treated it will spread and other people will get that disease. they should find or make a medicne that could prevent this parasite from even trying to form inside a persons body. Or even make a vaccine to help people form an imunnity to this parasite.


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