Energy in Collisions By : eric

Types of Energy

Kinetic energy - Energy being currently released is some form

Potential energy - The build up of energy

Gravitational energy - Energy from gravity (Falling down, Going down ramps, etc.)

Energy in a Collision

Energy in a collision becomes sound, heat, and many others. If the collision includes living things (animals only) it may include pain. Sometimes if there is too much energy being released at once, the items may break of shatter.

Car broken down from a crash with too much potential/kinetic energy

How weight influences energy

Weight influences energy, because the more it weighs, the more energy it takes to move it, therefore it has more potential energy and kinetic energy, making crashes more deadly.

Changes I would make

- Add a more secure wall in front to make sure the egg wont topple out

- Make a rubber interior for the egg so it can bounce around in there and not break

- Make it less heavy so the potential energy is lowered so that the collision has a less chance of breaking the egg.

Our test results

-Egg cracked

-Egg rolled out

-Yolk came out egg

Changes I made

-Wall so it hopefully wouldn't fall out

-Rubber tire out front so if egg falls out can bounce and not break

-Heavy bottom so the vehicle wont flip over


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