Anatomy and Grid Jesse Martinez

^^^ Above is the header of the page. This is where I have placed "Anatomy and Grid: Jesse Martinez", this would be shown at the top of each of the pages selected for my site to show a clear description or branding of what my site is about. I have selected the name of the topic and my name so that its clear that I am going to explain anatomy and grid of a website and that it is by me.

This image has been placed in the center of the page as with the rest of the content below. This creates a sense of uniformity for the page.

((( The Main Content of a page is the bulk of information being communicated on the site. This is usually decided into a grid. There are many grid design you can use to section off the content of the grid, making the content appear more organized and easier to read. )))

The section above all has images which are of the same theme and are placed in a grid together. This helps the reader or viewer find content the want to see more about and access it easily,

Although one doesn't have to Always follow a grid to create a page, it is recommended that the grid principles are understood in order to not confuse the visitor of the page.



Side information

Helps add additional

information to the main

content and can even

include a navigation menu


The footer is a consistent lower portion of the page generally displaying "careers, contact us, about us, and more general information of the user about the company or its services.

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