Bryce Maker Space By Bryce lecates

This week I finished my LAV design and I am now waiting for it to be done. It is going to take 26 hours to print. Once it has printed, I plan to paint the entire thing dark green and then start adding different accents with different colors

This week I am almost done painting and super gluing the pieces back on. I have to wait for the super glue and the paint to dry before I can finish. Once the paint drys, I will paint the last wheel and the bottom black and gen I will start painting things grey and green.

This week I finished painting. I have to wait until next week to start my next Maker pathway. Once it is next week I will start working on my woodworking pathway.

I started on my woodworking pathway. I am working on making the arm that is going to hold up the table top. I need to cut my 2x4s and then I need to fix my box.

I was working on finding the right sized bolt. I am working on making sure the measurements for the 2x4s is right. I need to find a bolt and some plywood.

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Bryce LeCates

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