Brain on Fire By Jordan, Apollo, Leah, Riley

Brain on Fire is about a young woman named Susannah. It all started when she thought she had bed bugs, hallucinations started to occur a couple days later, walls looking as if they were closing in on her. She decided to see a doctor and none of the doctors could find a true claim for her disease. Final she was told she had mano after she started to feel better. She excepted it and moved on but that diagnosis did not last long.

Susannah Calahan

Susannah Cahalan was a zealous twenty-four-year old woman who lived in New York City and worked as a reporter for the New York Post when she was announced with a rare condition known as anti-NMDAS-receptor encephalitis. It was her anitbodies attacking her brain cells so her brain was on fire. She became parinoid and she had intense seizures and hallucinations. when she went to the doctors they couldnĀ“t figure out what was wrong with her and they just casted her off.

Some major characters in the story are of course Susannah ,Rhona Nack also Tom Cahalan and DR. Najjar and some minor characters are the other doctors who couldn`t help her and the MRI technician. MInor subplots are her trying to figure out her relationship.

Some places that the story take place in are Susannah attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. When she was a senior there, she got an exclusive interview with Michael Devlin who was a notorious kidnapper and pedophile and Susannah Cahalan worked as a reporter of the New York Post.

The man that found what she had and eventually cured her is Dr. Souhel Nijjar. He found out by asking Susannah to draw a clock and when she did she only drew the numbers on one side. This meant that only one half of her brain was working. He found that she had anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. He treated her and eventual she was cured.

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