Rhode island founded 1636 montanna spegal

Roger Williams is a religious leader. He was best remembered for finding Rhode Island, and advocating separation of the church and the state in colonial America.

In Rhode Island the religion was religions freedom. William and his followers purchased the land from the Indianans. then Rhode Island became a heaven for baptists, Quakers, Jews and many other religious minorities.

The weather is Rhode island is very hot in the summer but very cold in the winter. Rhode island is similar to where we live, it just gets a bit colder and warmer then our home does.

Their are many jobs in Rhode Island. the jobs here are industries, fishermen, ship builders, lumber workers, bakers,and thinkers. the men mainly do the hard work. the women do the baking and taking care of the homes and taking care of the kids also making dinner befor the men get home.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A map of New England and New York"

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