MARY JANE Music Video Treatment

The song plays on the theme of SMOKING MARY JANE. The video will play on those themes with a lot of movement and drone shots in the same breathe have a very trippy feel.
We'll shoot on location with a 360º camera but the final video will not be a 360º video, giving it a very unique feel.
Styling Reference
The effect we will achieve is called "Little Word" where it will look like ESKAY and TRUEY are giants on a small globe.
Alternate look and feel with 360º camera (Tunnel View)
For parts of the Performance we will have a normal looking shot, except it will be extremely wide.

Golf Coursescene


In this scene we will visit CCJ Woodmead and do a round of gold while smoking on that Mary Jane
We will have cutaways of our artists walking through various stores for Broll.
Zoolake small boats Scene
Styling Reference
Tunnel View Effect

We will see our artist walking down the street.

We will have our artist perform on rooftops as an alternate scene mainly for the choruses. using a drone the end shot we will fly off on the final line of the song leaving a small world in the distance.
Final shot

Video Reference

Proposed Locations: Rooftop HILLMAN, GOLF COURSE, Saxon world streets, Zoo Lake Boats + Basketball Court AND ENGEN GARAGE.


Created By
Kudacash NoDash

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