CREATING Your Resume Why to choose a professional resume writer?

Resume is something very personal and professional at the same time. It acts as a marketing tool for a jobseeker while at the same time serving as a screening measure for employers. On an average, recruiters spend only 5 to 7 minutes in initial phases of screening candidates. The ones that get chosen are further analyzed. It is a tough competition in ‘job market’ and selling yourself as a product is extremely different especially when you cannot directly meet the employer without getting selected which is only based upon the performance of your professional portfolios like resume, CV, cover letter and even LinkedIn profile.

Time is important to everyone and both recruiter and jobseekers have limited time to achieve what they are looking for. Most of us can create their own resume and there is no doubt that you can do that too but creating resume has become very professional and require abilities to define things precisely and in the way a recruiter will like to see it. Just like you can cook food for yourself but will require special training or experience for serving the dish on platter with garnishing and nice presentation, similarly, writing a resume requires proper time and experience. This is the only reason why choosing resume writing services is of great advantage.

Associating with resume writing services is just one step of the resume creation. It is as important as discussing your profile, experience, expectations and industry preference with a professional resume writer.

Consider yourself as a product in the job market. Ask yourself few basic questions such as:

- Can I write it myself? If yes, go ahead and give it a try.
- What I want/do not want in my resume?
- Am I sharing the right piece of information with the resume writing professional/service provider?
- What are my expectations?
- Which industry am I looking forward to work in?
- Do I need a cover letter?
- Do I need a graphical resume, a text resume, a video resume or a human voice resume (podcasts)?

A good resume writing service provider will always tell you about the kind of resume format that will look good with your kind of experience and expectations. Also, as you move ahead in your career, with the passage of time, you need to update your resume so developing a friendly relationship with single efficient resume writer is what you must look for. Try learning about the writing procedure in the whole process which helps you in long run and making a good suggestion for your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family members who may need to write their professional portfolios.

"An example of basic Text Resume"
"An example of basic Graphical Resume"
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