Dr Ananya Gupta Exercise Physiologist. Cancer rehabilitation researcher.

Dr. Ananya Gupta's research is particularly aligned with the University’s research priority themes of cancer treatment, rehabilitation, stem cell derived therapeutics and biomedical devices.

Dr Gupta is a Lecturer (Above the Bar) Discipline of Physiology, School of Medicine, NUI Galway, Director of Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation Research Group and Director of the MSc in Exercise Physiology.

Her research is also translational, multidisciplinary and collaborative.

Current research projects -

  • Detection and monitoring of chemotherapy induced Neutropenia in cancer patients using a near patient hand held biomedical device
  • Isolation, Expansion and Differentiation of UCB derived HSC into functional Neutrophils for transfusion in neutropenic patients
  • Implementing a community based program in aerobic exercise and resistance training to improve recovery following cancer treatment
  • Application of exercise intervention in the rehabilitation of chronic diseases
  • Improving well-being and quality of life through physical activity

Dr Gupta is the director of the Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation research group at the Discipline of Physiology, NUI Galway. The rehabilitation research group led by Dr Gupta currently has 4 PhD students, a postdoctoral scientist and a research assistant engaged in research in cancer treatment and rehabilitation.

My recent research has led to the identification of a novel approach and development of a hand-held device to monitor chemotherapy induced cytopenia (anaemia and neutropenia) in a near patient setting. The development of Neutro-predict is supported funding secured from Enterprise Ireland (CF-2018-1041-P €600,000 for 2 years).
My research interests also include understanding the post treatment needs of cancer survivors and developing an adaptive community based rehabilitation program that supports long term recovery and improvement in quality of life in cancer survivors. Many patients suffer from long-term or late-emerging effects of cancer treatment which significantly reduces their quality of life.
There is an unmet need to develop an adaptive and individualised rehabilitation program that will support recovery following cancer treatment and prevent late emerging effects. Dr Gupta started the cancer exercise rehabilitation program in 2018 and till date 42 patients have benefited from the program.
Human Biology Building at NUI Galway
To advance research and education in the area of exercise physiology, I have established the Exercise Physiology Core Facility (EPCF), currently located in the Human Biology Building (Discipline of Physiology). This facility is an integral part of the Discipline of Physiology, School of Medicine, NUI Galway. The EPCF supports research, education and professional training in Exercise Physiology. The EPCF also provides the necessary state of the art equipment and expertise for carrying out clinical exercise testing.