Investigating Birdhouses By Rick Kral

Investigative question 1: Why do birds need shelter?
Birds need protection from the weather and from predators. Birds can't be exposed to the elements 24/7 such as wind, rain, sleet, hail, ice, snow, tornado, brutal hot sun, brutal cold, drought, flooding. All Birds have is nothing but feathers for protection. The vegetation surrounding birds is the only source of protection birds can access. Likewise, predators like hawks, owls, and four-legged hunters kill birds for their own survival, so birds need a place to hide.
Investigative question 2: Compare and Contrast the nest and a birdhouse.
Bird houses may be a better option for birds because if the birds live in an are where there may not by a whole lot of shelter or their home is destroyed, they is a reliable spot where birds can seek safe shelter from the weather and their predators. Letting birds live their life in their own creations may be a better option because giving birds artificial homes and having them rely on them could result in birds loosing the adaptation. Have you ever heard of the theory of evolution? Birds should be left alone and only to be looked upon because people shouldn't be interfering with the circle of life the the birds play an important role in.
Investigative question 3: What materials were used in constructing the birdhouses?
The materials needed to construct the bird house was: wood, super glue, and hot glue.
Investigative question 4: What tools were used in creating the birdhouses?
The tools used in the process of constructing the birdhouses were: scroll saws, screw drivers, and hot glue guns.
Investigative question 5: What safety precautions should be used when using these tools?
There are a lot of safety precautions when handling the tools needed to build our birdhouses. When using the scroll saws make sure you have on safety goggles, no loose clothing and your aware of how close your hands are to the saw. When using the hot glue gun take precautions of where you touch the glue gun and where the glue is dripping since the glue can be very hot.


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