Trump the Media By: Caithryn Grace

We all exaggerated as children, whether it be about how you lost one of your teeth, or even how well you did in a sport, or even how well that date went with brad. It's a natural instinct to exaggerated. Especially when you see someone else doing something cool or exciting on social media. But what we don't always seem to understand is that the media manipulates you to think a certain thing. Donald Trump is also another example of media bias, whether it's him giving off rhetorical slanter's or the media giving off rhetorical slanter, you can never believe everything you hear unless they give you a reliable source.

Now most people would say that Mr. Trump is the one to use way too much media bias, and they would be correct. Mr. Trump excessive use of media bias has put him in a spot light of ignorance and racism. Mr. Trump millions of tweets that are shared with the world and pits millions of Americans against him every day. Whether it be a tweet about the wall the plans to build on the Texas, Mexico border " for those that don't think a wall (fence) works, why don't they suggest taking down the fence around the White House? Foolish people!"( Trump). Or the many resources he must back up every claim he makes. But we can never put a name to a face, Mr. Trump shows no lack of creativity. Andrew Blake from The Washington Times, took the time to write an article about just how Trump plans to continue to use social media while sitting in office. In the article he quotes Sean Spicer, Trumps press secretary(Blake). He states that the use of social media in the newly elected presidents time in office has never been seen before and that " He (Mr.Trump) has this direct pipeline to the American people where he can talk back and forth" (Blake). With his platform of social media Donald Trump can "put his thoughts out and hear what they're thinking in a way that no one's ever been able to do before" stated Mr. Spicer (Blake).

But will his use of social media really give him what he is looking for? The print outlets don't seem to fully agree with the concept of the newly elected president (Wolff). The New York Time's for instance decided to take the lateral side of the things and side with the Anti-Trump group, which in retrospect is odd of them, due to them being pro president, well all except for Nixon and Watergate (Wolff). Then you can move on to the Washington Post who also took a prejudice stand point on the issue. Finally, you can look at Nicholas Kristof and the Times, who actually sat down and drew a clear line of Bigotry through Trump's not so private history (Wolff).

Looking into Just how Mr. Trump uses media bias might make it easier to see how if affects him and how if affects what the media chooses to think and share with the world. He uses rhetorical slanter such as proof/truth surrogates, by using word choice such as "extremely credible sources", or some dysphemisms such as calling "organized group of people" as a certain way such as one example is a tweet where he called them thugs (Trump. tweet). Then lastly let's look at the biggest rhetorical slanter that Mr. Trump uses, and those would be hyperbole's, in many tweets he either capitalizes the whole word or uses words like highest, or largest to explain things ( Trump. tweet).

Mr. Trump is getting hit from all sides, whether it's from himself by using his own form of media bias from news outlets. He will never not be in the media spot light. He is after all the President of the United States. The backlash he receives will never end either if he doesn't change his ways, he needs to start using reliable sources, giving real facts and stop only stating his opinion, only stating your opinion doesn't run a country. The media could also change their ways to. By not only choosing focus on the negative, but choosing good things that President Trump has done.

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